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    Beauty Haul | Althea Korea

    Happy weekend! Today, I’m going to share another beauty haul from Althea Korea. I have ordered this package last month but it took more than 2 weeks to reach me since it was processed and shipped from Korea. Anyway, my purchase is mostly skincare products to replace my current one which already finished by the time I received this package. So, without further a due, let’s get on with it!

    I love the box colour as it’s remind me of the upcoming EID celebration which will be next weekend! It’s crazy how the time flies these days.
    Althea purchase:
    1. the SAEM – Urban Eco Harakeke Toner
    2. ONSAEMEEIN – BIFIDA100% Natural Face Serum
    3. Innisfree – Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm
    4. It’s My Cushion – Cushion Puff

    This is the latest product in the market and I hardly can find any review. I just go with my instinct when I bought this and it is said that its good for those who have sensitive skin like moi. Surprisingly this product is really good and it has watery consistency instead of oily and I really love how it make my skin feel more hydrated especially during night time.
    I read a lot of good reviews for this toner and it did work well with my skins. Now, I only need to wait and see how long a bottle of this toner can last as my previous La Soul toner can last up to 3 months eventhough the price tag is on pricier side. 
    Innisfree Jeju Volcanic blackhead balm is another top and popular Korean’s product in the market. I have use it only once now and I haven’t see any significant change on my most stubborn blackheads especially on my nose area. Lets cross our finger that this will work its magic and finally remove my blackheads, OK? You probably wondering why I bought the cushion puff HAHAHA It’s was only for RM3 and I need to ensure that I bought above RM99 for free shipping. Still, I do need the cushion puff to apply my foundation/CC cream or QQ cream. 
    All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase. Though it took more than 2 weeks to reach me but I’m satisfied as all the products came in good condition due to good packaging method (bubble wrap is amaze-ball!). Perhaps I should write about my daily skincare routine next time?
    Till then x

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    Tutorial | How to Download Kindle Free eBooks – For Malaysian

    Sometimes I feel like it’s sucks living in Malaysia as we are often unable to enjoy all the free Kindle e-books from Amazon. Free shipping or Kindle’s eBooks freebies meant nothing to us. Anyway, today I’m going to share a few tips that I have learned during my research and whatnot especially to those who like to enjoy free eBooks from Amazon (even you are living in Malaysia!).

    In case you don’t know, you can now read all your Kindle’s eBooks straight from your phone and tablet/iPad instead of buying the Amazon Kindle e-reader (Though I do suggest to invest on one if you are an avid eBook collector/reader but still I also prefer to read via my iPhone since this device always with me most of the time lol). You may download the free apps for iOS user HERE or Android user HERE.

    Disclaimer: I’m going to explain how to create Amazon account for those who want to enjoy downloading the free eBooks which only available for US residents. Please proceed with your own risks.
    First of all, you need to sign up for Amazon by creating profile based on US address and US Bank details. If you didn’t have any info, you may use to help you create address and some US Bank account (which you won’t be using since you only download free stuffs). I can explain another method where you can buy gift voucher using your Malaysia’s bank card – but this will be in another post OK 😊 
    Once you have done and signed up to Amazon, you may proceed to download all the freebies available. However, you will need another method to ensure that you will be able to download all the free eBooks which only available in USA.


    Amazon is clever guys – they have their own system where they can detect your location based on your IP address (going incognito in your browser won’t work either – I’ve tried and failed many times) which is why you need to use HOTSPOT SHIELD VPN to disguise your current location. So instead of detecting you trying to download the free eBooks from Malaysia, the VPN apps will help you to fake your location to somewhere in USA. Plus, you can open many blocked websites using this apps as well. *hint porn website hint* LOL
    You may download Hotspot VPN for iOS user HERE and Android user HERE.
    There are others apps that work similar to Hotspot VPN but since I have been using this apps personally for quite some time now and loving how simple the interface (plus free!), hence why I suggested this apps instead. 😉 So, whenever you want to download new free Kindle eBooks, please do not forget to turn on your VPN browsing or else your account will be blocked for download. 

    And now you may enjoy all the freebies! 
    I hope you guys enjoy and learned a few tips from this post. Feel free to leave me comments if you have more questions or required more details regarding this topic. x
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    Minimalist | Daily Make up Essentials

    Blessed Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend so far and you are not alone – dreading for Monday to come HAHA
    So today I’m going to share my everyday “minimalist” make up essential since I only use these 6 products (sometimes even 5!) for my daily make up. Shall we?


    Voila! Only these 6 products that I use on daily basis. I’m a very simple person and these products helped to achieved the ‘fresh’ and ‘presentable’ looks (at least I don’t turn up at office looking super pale and look dishelvel).
    • La Soul – QQ Cream in Ultralight shade
    • Maybelline NY – Clearsmooth All in One compact powder in 03 Natural shade
    • The Face Shop Eyebrows pencil in 02 Gray Brown
    • Missha The Sytle 3D Mascara in Black
    • IN2IT Gel tint in Melon shade
    • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black (last because I didn’t use this almost everyday, only when I feel like I needed some extra boost and I use this to tight-lined my eyes)
    I only wear foundation once in a blue moon (on special occasions but very rare these days lol) and I usually prefer to use my absolute favorite combo of QQ Cream as my base and then go over with the powder using the big fluffy kabuki brush. 
    In case you’re new here then you probably won’t understand my obsession with natural and thick brow – so a good eyebrow pencil is crucial for me. I can forgo mascara and eyeliner, as long as my brows are done – perfectly! Since removing the waterproof gel eyeliner is a pain in the ***, I only use it once in a while and most of the time I will proceed with applying mascara to both upper and bottom lashes before I use my recent favorite of Gel lip tint from local brand IN2IT 🙂 So, my whole daily make up routine only took me about 10 to 15 minutes top and I really really love how these few products make me look super fresh and ready to take on the day! 🙂 x


    Why I said NO

    Today post is going to be an undeniably too personal(and wordily…) but I just feel like I should just get it over with and write here. I think it’s no longer a secret that I’m currently in relationship and we (me & my significant other) are always bombarded with the same question “so, when is your turn?” (read: when both of you are getting married?). I usually just laugh and shrugged the question up – like a pro! B actually had proposed to me and I’ve said NO to him – without hesitation. I have my solid reasons to why I said no to him eventhough I did feel the current pull of peer and age’s pressure to settle down and create a family.

    1)  I am NOT READY
    At the age of 28th, you and people around you probably think that it was the “right age” to settle down but I’m NOT. I have not yet accomplished what I have wanted to do in my life – I have not yet had the gut to apologize to certain people in my life for my wrong-doings and basically my life is still very fuck up. I don’t want to create a new life by bringing the old mistake to my future planning. And yes, I need to push myself more and start to take responsibilities for my mistakes and actions.
    2) There’s more to LIFE
    Don’t get me wrong but I do think that “getting married” is just a piece of paper that you and your spouse signed to be a legal husband and wife. Hence why certain marriage life ended up in divorce. But then again, I always think that getting married is not “the it” for me. It’s just another stage where you need to be more responsible for yourself and other people that you called husband and your children. Though I love kids (especially my nephew!), I still can think rationally that marriage life is not only about getting to have sex legally with your partner and have kids but there’s so much more to it. So, I’m hesitating still either to take the next step or not.

    3) I am SCARED
    Call it serious-stage-commitment issue. I have no problem committing in relationship, in fact I’m very faithful to my significant other and I can proudly say that I haven’t even thought to be with another guy when I’m with him BUT my past fucked me up so badly that I got cold feet everytime someone mentioned about getting engaged or married. So, when B asked me – I said NO. He is a great guy and the relationship that we have now is totally different with what I had previously. I could say – more mature and more supportive than before. To think that sometime I feel like I don’t deserve a good guy like him and I also feel bad for saying no but I’m glad he understand where I’m coming from.

    However, now both of us came to an understanding that we need to focus on ourselves first and when the “right time” has come, we will decide together either we need to take a plunge or not. No one know when is the “right time”, in fact both of us does not know either. Have faith, keep praying for the best and let God guide our way. x