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June 2017

  • InTravel

    Conquering Mt. Santubong

    Since I was in the mood for a little bit of throwback, I want to write about my last trip to Sarawak in October 2016 which specifically execute to climb Mt. Santubong. It was actually a last minute decision (I saw Why posted her Facebook status and she invited me – or more likely I force myself to go lol) and then I invited B’s little sister – Jacy. I booked my flight 2 weeks before our hike and it was 2 days and 1 night in Kuching as we are only doing “day climb” which according to my friends very do-able. Yes, it’s do-able as long as you’re on the top of your fitness game (Oh, and not really afraid of height..You will find out why later)

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  • InPersonal

    Food Coma

    Food is bae, they said. Last night, we had this not-so-secret buffet dinner at the Secret Garden and I had tons of fun plus a…

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