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    June ’17 | Monthly recap

    June has been a so-so month for me; its started with B being away as he went on 2 weeks training in KL and I was pretty much occupied with endless works plus facing some extra headache that I’ve created myself. It’s not that great but still I’m very thankful and grateful for everything that happened in June.

    1. I mostly spend my time with family last month. My nephew, Feivel is growing so fast and he will soon turn 4 months. He’s now quite heavy and like to throw tantrums especially if he can’t get what he want. Putting his fingers inside his mouth and salivating a lots are his current obsessions.
    2. June has been good – in term of my blogging schedule. I managed to blog twice a week, 1 post during the weekday and another 1 during weekend. I really hope this blogging momentum is here to stay!
    3. My favorite nail polish as I have been wearing this color for the whole month. Nail polish by Catrice in Hidden & Forbidden Rose, one of the prettiest color in their nude collection.

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