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November 5, 2017


    October in summary

    I almost write there’s nothing much had happened in October until I went over to my phone gallery and noticed how eventful the month of October was. Work has been hell and I don’t want to comment more on that as some of my nosy colleagues might be reading this blog right now. Plus, I don’t think it is wise to rant about “work-related” things in this blog. Not so professional – they said.

    So, I finally tried out the Samyang Spicy Chicken Flavor ramen which actually 2x spicier than the first one. To be honest, I didn’t put all the sauce in because I was scared and I’m actually thankful for the wise decision as I was sweating and tearing profusely while trying to finish the noodles up. It’s was so wtf. Upon the first bite and I instantly regret trying the ramen. Will I eat this again? Heck no.

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