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January 26, 2018

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    Coffee Talk: What Makes A Good Partner

    Ah. My first “Coffee Talk” write up for 2018. Are you excited to read my first impromptu writing for the year? Last year I’ve made a poll in my Instagram‘s story about what impromptu post I should write. 65% actually choose about relationship and another % choose about broken up post. Thankfully majority voted on relationship post instead. Partner in general would be either girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancee’, fiance’ or your husband and wife. A person that you are currently in committed relationship with. So, what makes a good partner? Is the outer appearance really matter or its what’s inside that count? All depend on personal preferences. For me, 90% will be on my partner characteristic as a human being while another 10% is his appearance. I’m a sucker for a little bit of bulging muscles though I have no problem with acceptable appearance of beer’s belly. Ahem.

    As loyal as dove

    Yep. Loyalty is extremely important for me. As someone who had a bad past with unfaithful partner, I value loyalty more than anything in relationship. Same goes to B. A good partner will be loyal to you no matter what being thrown at him or her. They truly value and appreciate you in the relationship by knowing that you deserve their utmost loyalty. Especially if you are in long distance relationship.

    A good listener

    Nothing compare to a good partner who listened well to your rants and complains. Nor boring things such as politics rants or random day to day of endless problem(s). I don’t think you will be happy with partner who did not listen to you and play their phone games instead. Tsk

    Good intentions toward you and your future

    Let just be honest, it’s very hard to find a good person these days. Some people just love taking advantages of you with pure evil intentions. Of course this is not a favorable trait in a good partner. We, especially women want a partner that love us and intend to include us in their future planning. Eventhough the sex is amaze-ball but if he never plan to put a ring on your finger then there is no point at all.

    Caring and Thoughtful

    Now let me cut this straightforward. Sometimes, we ask too much out from our partner by pointing at several published articles that stating “A good man should be…A good woman should be..” yada yada. However, out of many bullshits, we all agree that a good partner is a caring and thoughtful person. For some, these two traits are more than enough to makes a good partner in relationship.

    Now, with tons of traits being expected in a good partner; surely it is quite stressful for our partner to stand up to such expectations. While it is acceptable for us to be picky or choosy in selecting our own partner, it is also important to check if ourselves are consider as good partner instead. So, what do you think make a good partner? Lets have a cup and discuss in a comment section below. Till then xo