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March 17, 2018

  • InKK City Series

    Wine and Dine at Radha’s @ the Square

    I’m a sucker for a great dining place that serve wine and delicious meal. So, when Radha’s @ the Square (formerly known as Jesselton Butcher) invited us for wine and dine, I agreed immediately (Thanks Edwin @radhasquare). Located at KK Times Square, just a stone throw from Imago Shopping Mall, Radha’s is well known for their superheroes inspired decorations and menus. As Radha’s currently in the midst of revamping their theme and menu, we went there to get to know some of their signature menus and try out their latest creation.

    On the table (from left to right): BBQ Chicken Wing (RM17.90), Thor Beer Mussel with garlic bread (RM34.90), Aqua Man Seafood Aglio – olio pasta with tiger prawn (RM29.90) and “Under the Sea” Seafood Pizza (RM34.90). I have to say that I really love their creamy mussel with garlic bread and their pizza, especially the BBQ Hawaiian Chicken pizza (RM29.90). Radha’s actually made their own homemade pizza which feature thin crust with creamy and generous topping.

    Black Panther Guinness Lamb Chop with 1 inch cut

    Iron Man Jack Daniels Rib Eye Steak

    The Hulk Angry Burger (Combination of 3 patties – Chicken, Beef and Red Snapper)

    I absolutely in love with their lamb. Usually I didn’t favor lamb because of its game smell but this dish smell yummy! Plus the sauce; we gotta talk about the sauce guys because I was really into it and I keep reaching out to grab a bite. As mention earlier, Radha’s also working on their latest menu and we are really lucky to try it out! Its taste great and I hope they can perfected the dish before they put it on the menu as I really in love with their tomato salsa.

    Grilled Herbs Chicken, Fresh Tomato Salsa with Garlic Fried Rice

    Vegeterian Thali Set (RM10.90) – Available for Lunch Hour

    Apart from western food, they also serve Indian food such as Vegeterian Thali, Lamb/Chicken briyani with varieties of add-on. If you have never try Indian Vegetarian Thali, I totally recommend this dish for try out. Plus, it was healthy too. I like the homemade chili though it’s a bit salty for me and also their beets pickle.

    What’s “Wine and Dine” without the drinks?

    Fret not as I think you will be surprise with their endless drink choice ranging from typical non alcoholic drinks to their famous alcoholic beverages. Price range from RM5 to RM90+ for their drinks. Plus, their Mixologist is kind of good looking too. *wink*

    Tiger White Beer

    Foreplay Shot – Newly named by us.

    All in all, it was a great wine and dine experiences while catching up with friend and also getting to know new people. If you are interested to drop by and grab either lunch or dinner, you may flash this post to get 10% OFF from your total bill (Valid until 15th April 2018 only). Also, you can check their Facebook / Instagram for more upcoming promo and details. Till then, xo