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April 24, 2018

  • InKK City Series

    Hiking @ Bukit Tirig – Kg. Lapasan, Telipok

    Apart from our beautiful island and varieties of delicious food, Kota Kinabalu also very well known for its hiking spots. One of the famous hiking spot is Bukit Tirig or Tirig’s Hill. It’s located at Kampung Lapasan, Telipok which is about 28KM from city centre. Most hikers will use the signboard of St Flora Catholic church as their guidance.

    Since both B and I are not familiar with the place, we bring along Emmitchell and her friend as our guide. There are plenty parking space available for visitors. However, if you plan to go hiking at Bukit Tirig, I totally recommended car pooling with your friends. We arrive at the parking lot around 8 AM and get all our gears ready. I didn’t bring much, only my phone and GoPro. While, B also brought along his drone.

    I must say that the trail is very suitable for beginner hiker. It was well maintain and clean throughout the trail. Also, the surrounding trees provide a good shade even if you hike after 10 AM in the morning. Its also a great trail to bring along your children for a little bit of exercise.

    As usual, there are less tree surrounding the trails leading to the peak. It can get pretty hot at the peak and only two small trees that you can use as shade. Nonetheless, despite the scorching heat, the view from Bukit Tirig’s is amazing. I bet it will be an amazing scenery during sunrise or sunset.

    My favorite scenery definitely from the other side where you can see the famous Gayang Bridge. The lake and the sky seem to be blend very well in the color of blue and green. What a wonderful feast to the eyes!

    B and his beloved pet

    The placement of Bukit Tirig signage is brilliant as you can see Mount Kinabalu in the background. While, at your left and right; you can feast on Kota Kinabalu city view. You can go further a bit and see the lake and bridge scenery as well. The peak is clean and we only found about 1-2 pieces of empty plastic bottle. I really cannot understand these irresponsible hiker when there’s bin provided yet they simply throw the rubbish anywhere suit them. Grr! Anyway, I would love to congratulate and kudos to the nearby local for their endless effort to ensure the trail and peak cleanliness. Definitely recommended this hill for the easy trail and magnificent view! xo

    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. – John Muir