4 Important Things that I have learnt during Catholic Pre – Marriage Course (PMC)

One of a – must – do to get married in Catholic church is to attend their compulsory Pre – Marriage course or shortly known as PMC. So, my fiancé and I recently attended one which was held at Holy Rosary Limbahau Church. We took a shorter course (1 and half day) instead of the 4 days due to B’s work schedule. I must say that it was quite an eye – opening talks. I finally understand why it is compulsory for couple to attend before their wedding planning.

All the information and sharing are worth of your time and effort. Trust me on this. Anyway, I thought that I will share some of the things that I have learnt during our PMC recently as below.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and responsibility

Not to scared others but this PMC does make me realize how BIG the responsibility that me and my partner are about to take. It’s another level or phase in our relationship that is way more challenging. Since Catholic church does not acknowledge divorce, it is advise-able that couples truly understand the term of ‘lifetime commitment and responsibility’. Hence, its make you re-thinks about the reason why you want to get married at the first place.

Put God as the center of your relationship/marriage

I have heard and read about this statement so many times before. Yet, I never understand the why(s) and the how(s). Finally, during the PMC I kind of understand why it’s important to put God as a pillar to our relationship and how do it. Of course, it wasn’t easy but I believe every relationship can endure bad times if both partner decided to focus more on God.

Marriage required great sacrifices

Tons of sharing from the speakers themselves about their marriage life give me a little bit of anxiety. They talks about sacrifices that you are about to make for your marriage and even challenges that about to come. Its kinda gave me the pre-wedding jitters. I kid you not. The most eye – opening thing that I have learnt during this course is that ‘marriage life is not only about yourselves’. Marriage means that you have to be ready to sacrifice yourselves either monetarily, physically or mentally for your husband/wife and your future children.

Importance of Communication to maintain good relationship/marriage

We had probably read nor heard countless time of “communication is the key to great relationship/marriage” and yet couple still fight with each other. Miscommunication often happened. Ego and hurt can overpowered ourselves. During PMC, we are once again taught about the communication skills. The why(s) and the how(s). It’s great to have a better communication with your partner, even before you are married!

There are more topics that we have learnt during the Catholic Pre – Marriage course. However, these 4 are the main reasons that strengthen my faith in marriage life. If you are getting marry any time sooner, please go ahead and register for PMC. I hope my sharing here will also help others who are going to take PMC. You may even find yourselves to enjoy the course. Plus, you will also able to know your partner more and strengthen your bond.

I guess now that we are done with PMC, we can focus on other wedding planning related. Till then, stay awesome xo


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