Hello! By clicking the “about me” page, you are about to be bombarded with tons info (a little TMI) about myself. Kidding. Oh, not really kidding tho.

  • FFM – If you didn’t get it by now, its stand for my actual name with an added F for my nickname in the middle. My name is Frydolina Fay Masmin. Frydolina pronounced as Fry-dolina. Or to ease you up, please call me Fay.
  • I’m 29th years old. Soon to be in 30th which I can’t wait (says no one ever).
  • Currently reside in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – East Malaysia. Yes, I’m Sabahan blogger. #kkblogger
  • B is my bestfriend cum boyfriend. You will probably read about him a lot because I write about him. A lot.
  • Writing has been my greatest passion ever since I was young. My exercise book at school will be fill in with stories and so many writing. Since I could not fulfill my ambition, I write a blog instead.
  • Born as a Virgo. I tend to have perfectionist streaks in my blood.
  • I love Coffee. Give me a cup then I will talk non stop from daily nuisance to politics.
  • I’m a good listener, apparently. Because whenever someone talk to me about their personal problem, I will listened and gave a little bit of POV by the end.

Last but not least, I hope all of you will enjoy reading my blog post x