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Althea Korea: A’BLOOM Collection

Officially launched on the 23rd of April, A’BLOOM collection is a part of Althea Exclusive product with their own branding. Product collection range from skincare products such as blackhead remover, sheet masks and even adorable sponges for make up application.

Quick PSA, for this collection I have collaborated with fellow Althea Angels Geraldine (check her Instagram here and her blog here). We have planned for all the product photoshoot and share ideas to ensure you (our fellow readers) can feel the vibes of these new collections. Hope you all like it and do check out Geraldine’s blog/IG. Alright, without further ado, lets check out what is in the A’BLOOM collection.

A’BLOOM BHA Blackhead Blaster

Come in tiny little cute box and packaging, this product helped to remove blackhead without the ‘ouch’. The natural BHA stick can remove blackhead and whitehead without any pain. It’s claim to be gentle and contain non-irritating formula that help to treat and preventing the new blackhead or whitehead from forming.

The natural BHA from White Willow bark extract (5,000 ppm) is the key ingredient for this product. It is suitable for oily and combination skin.

How to use:
  • After cleansing the makeup, apply the product onto the targeted areas which is known to produce excessive sebum
  • Gently massage in circular motion to release trapped oils and dirt
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water
  • FYI, for more effective cleansing, place a warm towel onto the skin before using the product. The warmness from the towel will helped to open up the pores. Hence, easily extracted the blackhead and whitehead.

Personally, I’m not really someone who will spend their time removing blackhead and whitehead on their face. However, this stick helped to ease up the removing process. All I have to do is rub the product on the targeted area, especially my nose and rub a little before washing it off. It was so easy and no tears involved. I do see less appearance of blackheads but surely it will required more than one or two times application before all the blackhead be gone. Definitely going to write an update after using this product for awhile.

Price: RM16 | Buy here


There are 4 types of masks available. Every sheet mask has a different ingredients, for example Moisturizing watermelon mask which help to provide hydration and suitable for all skin type especially dry one. For RM2 per mask, it is a great bargain since most Korean’s sheet mask price started from RM5 and above. Let check out below the 4 types of A’BLOOM sheet masks.

A’Bloom Moisturizing Watermelon Mask

This mask is packed with hydration and moisturization which your skin will be thankful for. Lavender was added into the mask to help and calm the skin. It’s great for all skin type especially combination skin type.

Price: RM2 | Buy here

A’BLOOM Nourishing Avocado Mask

Rich with antioxidant from the avocado to nourish and protect the skin from harmful environment factor and also assist in preventing wrinkles. This mask is infused with avocado extract and hibiscus for soft and supple skin that is glowing.

Price: RM2 | Buy here

A’BLOOM Brightening Lemon Lime Mask

This mask helped to clarify and brighten dull skin to unveil the natural glow from within. The double dose of vitamin C from the Lemon and the Lime extract helped to banish dark spots and the extra ingredient Green tea boost skin brightening while calming the skin. One of the key ingredient is Niacinamide which is a very popular ingredient in skincare line that boost natural skin glow.

Price: RM2 | Buy here

A’BLOOM Anti Blemish Peach Mask

An anti-blemish mask that help to purifies and soothes irritated and sensitive skin. The mask is infused with peach extract and tea tree oil to regulate skin oil production, balance moisture and purify resulted in super soft and smooth skin. Suitable for all skin type and great for oily skin type.

Price: RM2 |Buy here

Personally, my favorite sheet mask would be the Moisturizing Watermelon mask and the Nourishing Avocado mask. The mask essence is thick enough to provide full hydration and my skin love it.

A’BLOOM Giant Meringue Puff

A very irresistibly sweet and versatile puff that can be use either wet or dry. This puff is another cute and cheap alternative for the beauty blender. Its extra-large size ensure a quick and even foundation application. It’s made from a high density latex free foam and the quality is 100% good guaranteed.

I really like the size of this puff. It’s bigger than my usual beauty blender in its wet state. The foundation application also a lot faster since it’s big enough to cover all the necessary area. However, I do think that it tend to absorbed a little bit more product in its wet state.

Price: RM8 | Buy here

A’BLOOM Baby Meringue Puff

This is a tiny and adorable version of giant meringue puff. Come in 3 for a pack of one set. Seriously look good enough to be eaten! Similar to the Giant Meringue puff, this also can be use either wet or dry. Its small size is an advantage as it can blend easily for perfect and detailed application especially for concealer or contouring.

What I really like about this baby sized puff is its size. It’s small enough for my concealer application and also for my contour. This size is perfect and very travel friendly. Its also did not soak too much product, unlike the giant puff.

Price: RM11 (3 pcs) | Buy here

What a gorgeous collection, right? Very suitable with the brand name A’BLOOM as its remind me of colorful spring color. Hope you enjoy reading and getting to know the latest Althea Korea A’BLOOM collection. I have included a direct link to the website if you are interested to buy and try it out.

*Disclaimer: Product was given by Althea Korea as a part of Althea Angels perks. However, all thoughts and opinion are honest based on yours truly experience.


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