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August ’17 in nutshell

There she goes, posting about August when September almost come to an end. August has been great, definitely much better than the previous July and it was also my birthday month which is why it’s automatically become my favorite month of em all.

So, I started August with a Meatball from Kak Kiah’s Cake House as me and my colleague went there for lunch. They were having promotion where this huge ass meatball is only for RM8.90 and the normal price is RM11.90 (if I’m not mistaken..) Its was OK but I still miss Ikea’s meatballs and I don’t think other can beat it – yet.

Since I was busy training for my early birthday Mount Kinabalu climb, I had the opportunity to joined BKB (stand for Bukit ke Bukit) hiking group for the opening of Nomburungui hill’s trail located at Kiulu. As expected from newly open trail, its was fresh and needed much more TLC especially ropes in certain area especially during descending to the fellow gorgeous waterfalls. Give it some times and it will be much more awesome experience to go. Though be extra careful with the “Zon Senyap” (Silence Zone).

4 days prior to my Mt. Kinabalu climb, I went and climbed Mt. Nopungguk via Gansurai trail and opted return via Sopodon waterfall trail which traumatized me until now. Uphill was fine but downhill was extremely crazy and I almost cry (I did cry but sweats covered my tears very well). The steepness of the trail is no joke. One wrong foot and you might ended up in the hospital. 13 hours inside the jungle and I couldn’t be more happier when I saw an open road ahead. I could say that this is tougher than Mt. Kinabalu but definitely worth experiences for newbie hiker like myself.

The night before my Mt. Kinabalu climb, B and I had our early 2nd years anniversary celebration (and we are praying for more celebration in upcoming future). We had a nice dinner at Hard Rock cafe while enjoying our draft beers. I was so in love with the environment ♥️

The ambiance was nice, the weather was good, the food is alright but the beers was amazing. What’s more important is – the great company for the night! I couldn’t ask for more and I’m very grateful for him and everything.

And few hours afterward, I went and climbed Mount Kinabalu. If you like to read my Mt. Kinabalu trip, feel free to check out my previous post. I couldn’t be more happier and proud of myself. I wish next time I can climbed together with my love one and my friends because I do miss all of them! Lets make Mt. Kinabalu as one of 2018 wish list, alright?

Four days after my successful (early) birthday climb, I celebrated my 28th birthday. Thank you so much B and all his beloved cousins and sister for the suprise. Though I really feel quite embarrassed when the Upperstar team came out and sing birthday song to me (I’m shy..please). However, I’m very grateful and thankful for everything.

And on the last day of August which is our National Independence day, we went and climbed the infamous Mt. Wakid. Its was an awesome hike as usual and I really love the foods that the homestay prepare for us. Plus, I couldn’t forget the “tumpung” (traditional alcoholic drink made from rice) and how sweet it taste and all the paranormal stories that we shared with the guides. Definitely an amazing way to end my favorite month. ♥️


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