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    My Top 4 Favorite Websites to Download Free eBooks

    Oh, did you stop and clicked at the word of “FREE”? Do not worry, this is not a click bait post. My love for eBooks are indescribable. This year I’m on “buying an actual books” ban as I was trying to be more minimalist and opted for digital copy instead of hard copy. eBooks are very convenient and you can read it whenever and wherever you are as long as you have your phone/iPad/Kindle with you. Hence today I am to share my top 4 favorite websites to download free eBooks.

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    Coffee Talk: Coping with Life Struggles

    Let me quickly get myself a cup of hot Coffee’ before I started writing. OK done. Let’s begin. EVERYONE is going through life struggles. Some may choose show it to the whole world but some may still smiling yet deep inside was struggling to keep their face straight, to avoid people know that they were having problem in their life. I always fall into the second category – pretending like I got it all together, while I was actually literally dying inside.

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    Products Empties and Reviews

    Products empties and reviews are my second favorite things to watch on Youtube, other than VLOGS and the creepy “What’s on my iPhone/Bag etc” tag. So, when I was cleaning my random skincare stash the other day, I have few emptied bottle and products and thought why not write a blog post on this? Heh, less thinking needed to came out with blog post this weekend. *pats self*

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