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Borneo Women Run 2018

I’m afraid that it has been many months since my last run. My last run was on May 2017 which is BIM that I have posted here. Ugh, I really need to get back on track again. Anyway, last Sunday I partake in the first ever Borneo Women Run organized by Women, For Women Only. I was supposed to run 14KM but ended up doing 7KM. It is because I had injured my plantar during my last training and I do not want to worsen my injury since BIM is only 3 weeks away!

As mentioned, Borneo Women Run was the first running event organized for all women runner only. Some male runners did come to support their significant others during the run. After such long hiatus of running, I finally able to catch up with some of my running team. All of us are pretty anxious with the upcoming Borneo International Marathon. Again, I really need to get my butt off for training before the big event!

Anyway, the event start around 6 AM with piloxing session as a warm up and 14KM flag off around 6.30 AM while 7KM around 7 AM. Can you imagine the heat? Its was extremely hot! I did not run at all. My plantar was in extremely bad shape and I know I shouldn’t even attempt to put an extra pressure on it. You could probably say “if it’s so painful, why are you even go there?”. Well, I want to support the event – hey, this is the first running event organized specially only for female! Of course I’m going to support them. Plus, the ambassador Adelinah@Narna is our running team member. Obviously, she and the entire event deserved our utmost support.

OK, then after the ‘walk in the park’ session, we went to get our entitled medal and finisher cap. I’m in love with the cap! The weather is good though super hot. We went to take a lots of photo with friends while enjoy catching up with some which I haven’t see since last year. Crazy how the time flies!

All in all, it was a great event. I wish there will be more event for women runners in the future. Though a bit improvement on the time management especially the flag off time. Perhaps early flag off next time? Especially with the current hot weather in Kota Kinabalu nowadays. The T-shirts is great, the medal is crafted nicely and the cap is awesome. Hopefully there will be Borneo Women Run 2.0 next year.


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