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    I guess this post will be a little bit against my #minimalismgoal but I have been busy decluttering some of my cases recently and these are the only cases left (at the moment..). I really love buying new cases for my phone and its very hard for me to go into a phone case shop without buying new case. #truestory Ever since I got my phone, I think I owned more than 20 cases – some were from B’s previous 6+ so we kinda exchange with each other or when he bought new protective 360 then he passed the previous case to me. #yass
    1. White (Not really transparent) Jelly case from Mr. DIY | RM3.90 
    2. Thin Transparent case from China (theonemall – somewhat like Tabao) | RM1.90 
    3. Thicker protective case with pastel color rainbow from phone shop @ Megalong | RM20-ish
    4. Transparent case with gold trim on the side from phone shop @ 1Borneo | RM30-ish, seem like almost 40 (bought last year so I cannot remember except that it’s damn expensive and I swear I won’t return to the shop)
    1. Both pastel (Pink & Mint) cases are from Mr. DIY | RM3.90 each
    2. Protective Metal with ring holder from duty free shop @ Langkawi | Less than RM20, very cheap and this is my favorite casing for taking video
    3. Marble soft case from CASEOFMINE | RM15-RM16
    1. Lightweight protective case – stole from le Bf
    2. Leather soft case from phone shop @ Megalong | RM20
    3. Protective black soft case – beg bf to give me this one LOL
    So, my current favorite would be the latest black leather soft case that I bought very recent and I really love the matte color and how it won’t be slippery even when I hold my phone with wet/oily fingers. How about you? Did you hoard collect phone cases too? x
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    Happy New Year 2017! Its has been week now since we celebrated the NY and I’m more than eager to be back and started blogging again. With all the craziness that went down in December, whirlwind Christmas’s celebration, my brother’s wedding and hectic work loads – I’ve finally too depleted and decided to rest for a longer period of time to recharge my introvert’s soul.
    When I was watching my favorite Youtubers few days ago, sharing their goals or resolutions for 2017, Lavendaire theme & goals inspired resolutions caught my attention. So instead of listing down 50 nor over of resolutions list for 2017, this year I want to do more and achieved more in my life based on these three theme: Positivity, Creativity and Simplicity.

    To lead more positive lifestyle:
    + Healthy body and mind
    + Avoid drama
    + Learn to take criticism as one way of self-improvement
    + Avoid getting entangled in bad vibes from individual or group
    + Project more good vibes to others

    To create more this year:
    + Create an awesome routine (morning/night routine, exercise routine or meditation routine/schedule)
    + Create more awesome content in FFMDIGITALMEMOIRS
    + Branched out; learn new things etc
    + Start to journal again
    + Write a book

    To explore more and practice more of minimalist lifestyle:
    + To have nothing in my space that have no purpose or did not spark any joy
    + Experiment with Capsule Wardrobe
    + No books shopping for a year (eBook for Kindle is acceptable)
    + No shopping for clothes (unless necessary)
    + Bring lunch to work
    + Clear 50% of debts
    + Practice simple skincare routine

    The discipline you learn and character you build from setting and achieving a goal can be more valuable than the achievement of the goal itself.” Bo Bennett