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    July ’17 | Monthly Recap

    Hello everyone! *clear spiders webs* Initially, I was meant to take a short break which should be in within a few weeks but it turned out to be 2 F months instead. Apologizes for not updating much especially in my social media – Instagram or Twitter. So much had happened in the last two months and today I’m going to share about what had happened in July. However, let me put a short disclaimer first before I continue:

    I purposely deleted my old post from 2010 until 2016. I know that before this I’ve said that I won’t be deleting memories – but I guess, past is past and I’m so excited to share new and more positive memories in future. With that being said, I hope that everyone will keep supporting me and my shabby blog and I’m really looking forward to share more valuable contents soon.

    JULY – Its has been a weird month for me. I went through so much in July and I would like to called it emotion-roller-coaster month. OK, setting the sad and happy events apart, I finally went to Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching on 16th July. Ticked one off the bucket list. It was an awesome experiences and I definitely almost forget about the trouble back home. I had so much fun with my BFF Jess, her BF, her little brother and her friends. As always, Kuching is an amazing city buzzing with great foods, environments and awesome people and I will never get tire of the Cat city.

    And we dance the night away with heavy rain upon us. But it is truly one hell of experiences for me and I vow to return next year! Thanks RWMF 2017!

    Apart from RWMF, I also had the opportunity to have dinner on a cruise – major thanks to my company ! It was an awesome gathering with my co-workers as we ate, sing karaoke and enjoy the sunset away. Oh, we are also in the VIP room. he he he

    Toward the end of July, the “curvies” as we called our group of tight friends arrange a small gathering at our favorite Korean BBQ place – Secret Garden and celebrated Jess’s 28th birthday as well. As usual, we are the last group that left the premise as we talk and laugh and eat until we forgot about the time.

    I guess, looking back now – I don’t think that July is that bad. I was caught in stress and even few disagreements with people that I love the most hence why it was very hard for me back then. When I came face to face with my own worst nightmare – anxiety and depressions, things got really really bad. I’m quiet dissapointed that the thoughts of hurting my own self came out during that hard time. Through and through, I am glad with the help of my close friends that I’m able to push forward and finally recovering bit by bit by the time I’m writing this post. I wish my anxiety and depressions problem will stay far away – as far as possible. However, deep down I know that it’s an ongoing battle that I must keep fighting on to survive. This is also one of the main reason why I didn’t post anything up until now – I wish I can write happy and positive post but I choose to take a break instead and I’m so glad with my decision. Anyway, I’m back guys! x

    monthly recap

    June ’17 | Monthly recap

    June has been a so-so month for me; its started with B being away as he went on 2 weeks training in KL and I was pretty much occupied with endless works plus facing some extra headache that I’ve created myself. It’s not that great but still I’m very thankful and grateful for everything that happened in June.

    1. I mostly spend my time with family last month. My nephew, Feivel is growing so fast and he will soon turn 4 months. He’s now quite heavy and like to throw tantrums especially if he can’t get what he want. Putting his fingers inside his mouth and salivating a lots are his current obsessions.
    2. June has been good – in term of my blogging schedule. I managed to blog twice a week, 1 post during the weekday and another 1 during weekend. I really hope this blogging momentum is here to stay!
    3. My favorite nail polish as I have been wearing this color for the whole month. Nail polish by Catrice in Hidden & Forbidden Rose, one of the prettiest color in their nude collection.

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