CHIC CHIQ: Natural, Ayurveda-Inspired Cosmetics*

I’m sure that somehow or somewhere that you have seen or heard about CHIC CHIQ brand/company. CHIC CHIQ is an Ayurveda-inspired lifestyle and cosmetics brand based in the EU. They claimed to use exotic ingredients from around the world to make safe, sustainable and effective skincare remedies.

CHIC CHIQ stand to its belief to follow the three basic rules of Ayurveda which consist of cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing. They encourage their customer to spend at least 15 minutes in a day to take a step back from their daily busy lifestyle to incorporate the beauty routine .

As we all know that skincare is very important and a required first step before applying any makeup. Thus, we need to take a very good care of our skin. CHIC CHIQ products claim to deliver everything that our skin needs: an instant glow, moisturization, nourishment and cleansing.

The company take the Ayurveda Philosophy to heart in all aspects. The ingredients used are safe, natural and luxurious. From white turmeric that is only gathered once a year in the Himalaya to Rose petals delicately plucked from Bulgarian fields and nourishing algae from the depths of the world’s seas, their ingredients are carefully selected and lovingly presented in minimalistic but elegant packaging. –  Source from CHIC CHIQ website.

What really caught my eyes is their Powder face mask travel sachet four-pack. It’s four of their popular powder face masks in sachet form. It also claim to be the perfect option for relaxation while traveling. In my opinion, if I did not want to commit myself to certain mask yet, I will definitely be going to try and sample them out first. Hence why the travel sachet four pack is my ultimate choice. Other than that, its also a great gift pack to your lovely girlfriends and best friend. What ya think?

CHIC CHIQ is currently running a promotion of 10% OFF Any Purchase of their Natural, Ayurveda-Inspired Cosmetics at CHIC CHIQ (Site-Wide).


You may proceed to their website here to purchase. Happy shopping lovelies! xo

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