Coffee Talk: Be a better woman

Recently, there are far too many articles or news that we read about divorces caused by a third party. Though this is relatively not new but when there are few incidents involving local celebrities at the same time, netizen gave their attention and decided to be somewhat-God-my-opinion-freedom-of-speech for such circumstances. Some curses the man and his second wife. Others apparently supportive that the man is divorcing his first wife with lame excuse of “I no longer have feeling toward her”. However, for my impromptu “Coffee Talk” today, I’m not going to write about my opinions toward the celebrity’s marriage life. Instead I wanted to write about my opinion as a woman toward the “third party” or second wife (or any woman that love to be in relationship with “taken” man).

Personally, as someone who have been through the same horrible situation which has scar me for life before; I feel offended and disgusted. As a woman, we should be lifting each other up instead of tearing each other life down. Once, a man with committed partner has approached me during my short “single-hood” time with the same lame excuses of “I lose feeling toward my partner” or “my partner did not treat me good enough”. I cringed so hard remembering all those excuses he tries to bribe me with. I have to say that he’s surely know how to sweet talk and flirts. As much as I like being shower with attention and gifts (and foods, damn.), I know that this is wrong.

If he really did not love her anymore, why is he staying in relationship with her? If she did not treat him good, why he did not resolve the issue with his partner? Instead of coming on to me; asking for attention and bullshits advises about his relationship. Certain men are fucking shitty drama King. If he can easily say he’s no longer in love with his more than 2 years partner, he probably can easily have uttered “I no longer love my 1-month girlfriend”. So, a big NO for me.  I rather find myself an insecure man who had his heart broken before because of his cheating ex.

I really do not understand why certain bitches like to see another woman crying when she allegedly stealing her “husband/fiancé/boyfriend”. Why? Did you feel superior because you can steal another’s man? Because he chooses you over the woman who had work so hard for him for many years? Is this the kind of accomplishment that you are so damn proud about? Imagine if your father cheated on your mother, what would you feel about the woman who steal your father away? Yep, that’s how appalling and disgusting you are in the eyes of another woman.

Ladies, I’m not writing this to web-bully or condemning ‘third party’ women online. I know that in certain cases, some women are trick into the relationship and by the time they found out; it was already too late. The point is, when we have a choice to choose, please do not choose a married man, someone’s fiancé or boyfriend. Please do not be the reason that will cause broken family or relationship. Make a choice that will make us a better woman. Always remember that we are living the ups and downs in the wheels of life. Karma will always be there; awaiting us. Thus, please let us be good with each other. Do not harm others; as if you do not want others to harm you as well.

At the end of the day, we can always put on our highest heel and stride well knowing that we make a good choice by being a better woman. Standing and supporting each other out there. xo


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  • jesssjustine

    Karma is soo gonna get them!!

    March 12, 2018 at 6:53 PM Reply

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