Coffee Talk: Coping with Life Struggles

Let me quickly get myself a cup of hot Coffee’ before I started writing. OK done. Let’s begin. EVERYONE is going through life struggles. Some may choose show it to the whole world but some may still smiling yet deep inside was struggling to keep their face straight, to avoid people know that they were having problem in their life. I always fall into the second category – pretending like I got it all together, while I was actually literally dying inside.

Everyone has struggles, either in their daily life or monthly nor yearly. No exception. Some struggle to pick what clothes they want to wear in the morning. (This struggle is real guys) Some struggle with their finance and how to survive until pay day. Others struggle to get a job or struggle to get out of debts.

Some struggle to get pregnant or struggle in their abusive relationship/marriage life. Others struggle with their single life where their family never stop asking when she/he going to get marry. Some struggle with anxiety and depression.


Even some, struggle to keep living.


You see, everyone has their own struggles in life. I believe that you also have your own struggles in your life. Recently, there are too many FML moments happened in my life (well, when it was not Fay..). I have cursed too many times, cried few times and locked myself in my comfort of bedroom countless time. Toward the end of the day, I was tired. So fucking tired. My anxiety and overthinking are not helping at all. I was meant to talk it over with B but I restrained myself because I thought that he already had so much on his plate and me complaining about things or problem would further worried him. Its turned out to be the worst decision as I exploded last week in a wreck of ugly sobbing tears in front of my mom.


One thing I have learnt well by now is to never keep it all alone to yourself.


Conclusively, if you have been struggling with things and you find that you are lost and your mind is overthinking, the best first thing you need is an ear that listened to your rants. Let it go. Take a deep breath. Always opened your heart and mind for suggestions and pray to God that it will soon passed. I’m thankful and extremely grateful that I have B and my little sister as my loyal listener. To all of us that have been trying our hardest with coping with life struggles, keep going and bear in mind that this too shall pass.


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