Coffee Talk: Of Social Media and Privacy

I thought of writing some random topics (actually, 90% rants) today which probably required you to take either a cup of Coffee or Tea while reading it. Lets call this random topic post as “Coffee Talk”, shall we? Pretty appropriate title since this topic also came out during one of our Cafe’ gathering with friends.

A few weeks ago, as I was catching up with my girlfriend on how nowadays I only managed to post one blog post a week, we also talk about other social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Now most of you know that I have two Instagram accounts which are the public one solely for my blog and my private one. FYI I hardly update both accounts these days for a few good reasons, which I will briefly explain shortly.

Social media have become a huge platform, not only for publicity, marketing and business but also for others to judge you based on what you have posted online. Other than that, its also become a “disease” of comparing yourselves with others online. Especially if you are in the same age group but the other person is striving and happily settled down and having kids. I personally feel like I didn’t do well in life because almost everyone in my age group started posting about wedding, having husband and growing family while yours truly is still juggling between works and long distance relationship. Not that I’m blaming my partner for it because its has been me who have been adamant to settle down, not yet a right time for me or us – for now.

Anyway, back to the topic of social media where it also become a platform for judgemental and super nosy people around. A friend of mine quickly nodded in agreements on this one. When I shared to them why I no longer post consistently or reluctant to share where I go or with who, is because of some nosy people which I had regretfully approved in my social media accounts. When I started working 5 years ago, I make myself very clear to separate a working life with personal one. Whatever I did outside the working hours should never ever go back and circulating inside the office. I truly value my privacy of personal life and I always weigh in full consideration of what’s consequences that I will face later on if I posted something “online”.

My work place is great but some people in there is not – really – great. Some should really learn to respect other people boundaries. So, there’s one time when I applied leave for holiday and everyone are asking where I will go. Then suddenly there’s this phrase “Later we will know when you’ve posted in your Instagram/Facebook”. Kinda shock me there but I guess that makes me stop, start to think and suddenly I feel uncomfortable to post about my holiday online. I know some of you may said “It’s your social media, you post whatever you like. Screw those nosy and judgemental people”. I get it guys. I truly get it. I also wanted to remove or unfriend those nosy people BUT for the sake of keeping a good “colleagues and co-workers” relationship, I hesistate. You have no ideas how fast the rumors fly when I did not approve one of the nosy people follow request in Instagram and Facebook.

So right now I’m only posting few things (well I checked, mostly depressing posts lol) which either foods, hiking trip or something random i.e non related to what have been happening in my recent private life. At the moment, I’m comfortable doing such things but who know one day if I have a change of heart and I suddenly back rolling and sharing more in social media. Who know? I don’t even sure with myself. As for now, I’m comfortable sharing some personal life in my blog (hey, I put my blog under personal & lifestyle category) while still happily guarding some of my privacy. Hey, not everything is meant for the world to see. Plus I don’t need to fake being happy online while everyone around me know how “depressed “ I am in real life. No hatings toward those who love to share it all online though, you do you! Cheers!


Till then, Fay x

  • Yes, agreed. I think it’s depend on personal preference juga. Sometime sy ikut mood, kalau OK, ada juga sy post personal tapi nowadays sejak approve those “jaga kain” punya orang kan..punya la malas mau update..adididi

  • i was once ask my sisters to regularly update her instagram but she reply me ‘ eh malas sa instagram, macam main lumba2 like saja sana tu’ .. i was errr.. but sometimes i do feel macam tu juga actually..its a matter of preference actually.. tp some ppl kan kadang too over the top …