Food Coma

Food is bae, they said. Last night, we had this not-so-secret buffet dinner at the Secret Garden and I had tons of fun plus a food coma afterwards (hence, the title lol). I am very thankful and grateful for the opportunity to spend time with my lovely friends. Secret Garden is very famous for its Korean BBQ buffet style with endless variety of meat and side dishes.
Grilling spicy marinated pork with tons of side-dishes awaiting ?


On our 4th plate of meats ?
 The meats itself is well marinated and super juicy ??

 And I really love to wrap the charred meats with few side dishes and chew everything in one go (just like in the Korean movie..)

Dinner with amazing people and amazing food! And we are the last customers to leave lol ?

Anyway, I’m currently struggling with Blogger apps in my iPhone. Even after tons of research and google-search, I still couldn’t blog via my phone. I did previously bought the Blogpress apps and it ended up crashing especially if my blogpost(s) are filled with pictures and its take forever to published – and yet all the alignment are out and I still have to use laptop to fix everything which is very inconvenient for me since I do not have laptop now ? so now I just bought this RM20 blogger apps (BlogTouch Pro) and I’m not sure how this one will turn out. Hopefully I didn’t wasted my money on this. *fingers crossed*
Till then x

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