2017 iphone iphone case collection


I guess this post will be a little bit against my #minimalismgoal but I have been busy decluttering some of my cases recently and these are the only cases left (at the moment..). I really love buying new cases for my phone and its very hard for me to go into a phone case shop without buying new case. #truestory Ever since I got my phone, I think I owned more than 20 cases – some were from B’s previous 6+ so we kinda exchange with each other or when he bought new protective 360 then he passed the previous case to me. #yass
1. White (Not really transparent) Jelly case from Mr. DIY | RM3.90 
2. Thin Transparent case from China (theonemall – somewhat like Tabao) | RM1.90 
3. Thicker protective case with pastel color rainbow from phone shop @ Megalong | RM20-ish
4. Transparent case with gold trim on the side from phone shop @ 1Borneo | RM30-ish, seem like almost 40 (bought last year so I cannot remember except that it’s damn expensive and I swear I won’t return to the shop)
1. Both pastel (Pink & Mint) cases are from Mr. DIY | RM3.90 each
2. Protective Metal with ring holder from duty free shop @ Langkawi | Less than RM20, very cheap and this is my favorite casing for taking video
3. Marble soft case from CASEOFMINE | RM15-RM16
1. Lightweight protective case – stole from le Bf
2. Leather soft case from phone shop @ Megalong | RM20
3. Protective black soft case – beg bf to give me this one LOL
So, my current favorite would be the latest black leather soft case that I bought very recent and I really love the matte color and how it won’t be slippery even when I hold my phone with wet/oily fingers. How about you? Did you hoard collect phone cases too? x

  • uiyo mcm jual phone case hihi banyakkkk

  • I love to swap between iPhone cases depending on my mood XD. I tend to drop my phone a lot so I have to buy super durable cases if I want my phone to be safe @__@. That pretty much bumps up the cost big time XD.

    The matte texture feels and looks amazing! I like the minimal idea of the black leather soft case.