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June ’17 | Monthly recap

June has been a so-so month for me; its started with B being away as he went on 2 weeks training in KL and I was pretty much occupied with endless works plus facing some extra headache that I’ve created myself. It’s not that great but still I’m very thankful and grateful for everything that happened in June.

  1. I mostly spend my time with family last month. My nephew, Feivel is growing so fast and he will soon turn 4 months. He’s now quite heavy and like to throw tantrums especially if he can’t get what he want. Putting his fingers inside his mouth and salivating a lots are his current obsessions.
  2. June has been good – in term of my blogging schedule. I managed to blog twice a week, 1 post during the weekday and another 1 during weekend. I really hope this blogging momentum is here to stay!
  3. My favorite nail polish as I have been wearing this color for the whole month. Nail polish by Catrice in Hidden & Forbidden Rose, one of the prettiest color in their nude collection.

Since last month was the fasting month for our Muslim’s family and friends, my company where I work has organized Iftar gathering with fellow office staffs and supervisors at Sutera Harbour. The foods and ambiance are amazing and I ate a lots that night. After the dinner, we then went to Urban & Co. at Plaza Shell for a little round of wine and cocktails. Unfortunately that I have to left earlier since our fellow driver couldn’t take any alcohol or else she won’t be able to drive us back.

Thanks God for the long weekend break during Hari Raya holiday. We finally got chance to go back to Ranau to celebrate Raya with the family this year. This time round, my bf tagged along with me and my family for a short Raya holiday. Since we already at Ranau, we took the chance to re-visit Poring with my little sister and brother. We went for canopy walk and swam around the pool to our heart content. Poor B as he couldn’t fly his drone there and he helped us to watch over our bags while we enjoy a lap of good swim (or floating..tehee!)

Raya celebration with family this year has been a blast. We managed to catch up with the rest of relative since we hardly go back to Ranau due to work commitments and all. We ate good foods, made tummy-aching laugh jokes and so much more! Went back to KK on the third day of Raya and I finally visited the famous “New Zealand” look-alike aka Desa Dairy Farm at Kundasang on our way back. Took a lots of photo here and I might return someday, not now but well, who know – someday. Then we went veggies shopping at the veggie’s stalls at Kundasang. I think I bought more than RM50 worth of mushroom and greens as well. I also bought some small succulents which only cost RM10 for 3! OMG I need to go back again and buy more succulents! Please!

Other than that, I finally bought my own blog hosting domain on 22 June!

It was one of my long term blogging goal ever since I started to blog in blogger. 7 years later and I’m now blogging from my own domain. #blessed I will probably write another post with detailed info on where I bought my domain & hosting, price, how-to-setup and whatnots once my blog setup (especially my current theme..) work and look better. I can seriously say that running your own blog domain hosting is a hell of works and you’ll need a lots of help from Google. To this day, I’m still clueless with CSS style sheet (I’m so thankful to Mai – my theme’s designer which had helped me a lots with some of the coding and stuffs) and I really need to learn and research more. In the meantime, please leave me a comment/feedback if you saw some appearance/theme problem when you drop by and read my blog. I really appreciate it! Till next post x


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  • Maniqure

    We love the Pink nail polish too <3 <3 <3 Bought in KK?

    August 29, 2017 at 2:29 PM Reply
  • dextermt

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    July 5, 2017 at 4:11 AM Reply
  • Jess Justine

    Hehehe need to go kundasang to pajak succulents & cactuses la!

    July 2, 2017 at 8:46 PM Reply
    • frydolina89

      Yes! And perhaps hike the two hills – Crystal & Pyramid hills! Bring your bf along bebeh, it’s going to be fun! :*

      July 3, 2017 at 6:42 AM Reply

    Sya masi sakit ati pasal succulent hahaha.
    Yay boleh comment sdh tp via website la..tapi sya x dpt baca the whole post dri apps..mesti buka d website bru dpt..

    July 2, 2017 at 7:13 PM Reply
    • frydolina89

      Yay! Hahaha mcm ni blog mesti guna website jga..xdpat kalau guna yg pnya apps ??

      Anyway, balikkkk Kundasang! Beli succulent hahaha

      July 2, 2017 at 8:42 PM Reply


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