Korean Sheet Mask Haul – Major B

If you can get cheap Korean’s sheet mask, what would you do? I will of course, buy some and write a haul blog post. Major thanks to my girlfriend, Jess for helping me to buy all these sheet masks from Major B crazy sales last week! Without further a due, lets get into the haul guys.

Photo above is sheet mask from the Real Nature which only cost RM 1. I know, crazy cheap right. These babies probably cost around RM 5.90 or probably more in the store. Extremely good deals that in no way I’m going to pass.

I freaking love Skin Food mask, from their infamous Black Sugar mask to their amazing sheet mask. All their products are made from superfoods such as vegetables and fruits. Their masks always suitable for my sensitive skin. More reason to stock these babies up!

Major B’s sales make me go crazy!

Jess also helped me to pick up 5 pieces of Aritaum’s sheet masks and 3 pieces of printed sheet mask from Tony Moly. Luckily I manage to refrain myself from buying too much sheet masks. All these sheet masks from Major B only cost me RM 15! I am one happy girl.

I always prefer the conveniency of sheet mask than the wash off one. The reason why I love the sheet type is because I am lazy and I always find it was quite a hassle to go to the sink and wash the mask off. While for sheet mask, you can just pat all the leftover to your face and neck then throw it away.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this short haul blog post and happy weekend! xo



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