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LaF (Lost and Found) Seoul: Water Bomb + Ampoule Review

LaF Seoul or also known as Lost and Found Seoul is a very popular Korean brand. LaF is an abbreviation for “Lost and Found”. Lost as if it’s a problem while Found meant a solution – Lost (Problem) and Found (Solution). In regard of beauty deficiency, LaF is an innovative brand that promote fast, innovative, and safe solutions for all skin concerns around the world.

Product Claim

Water Bomb + Ampoule aim to restore the natural skin health through an intensive care that meet individual skin problem. This ampoule contain two power house ingredients for hydration. The Sodium Hyaluronate act as moisturizing film to keep skin hydrated and vitalised throughout the day. While the rich moisture provided by Aloe Vera leaf water which alleviate sensitive skin caused by external factor.

Retail at RM47+ is within the average drugstore skincare price. A very affordable price for ampoule product. This product is available at the local store such as Guardian Malaysia. LaF Seoul also provided other skincare products with price range between RM47 to RM57.

How to use: I will use this product after cleansing and toner. Take an appropriate amount (2 drops is enough for me) and apply to the face. Tap gently to help product absorption.

The Verdict

After using the product for more than 3 weeks, below are my honest thoughts and first impression:

    • The product has thick consistency (more or less like a gel consistency) with a subtle nice smell to it.
    • Even though the consistency is thick and gel-like, upon application on the skin – it become watery. Its spread easily and dry even fast.
    • 2-3 drops are enough to cover the entire face and neck due to its watery consistency upon application.
    • Does not feel greasy at all. All thanks to its watery-like consistency when you spread the product onto the skin.
    • Its does leave a little bit sticky feeling on the skin but not as sticky as some heavy serum or moisturizer did. It really feel like you splash your face with water. Refreshing and hydrating the skin. The stickiness probably due to the extra protective barrier provided by the ingredient in the product to ensure 100% hydration.
      • The product delivered what its claim. It gave instant result in hydrating the skin.
    • Definitely recommended this product to all my fellow dry and sensitive skin sufferer like myself. In my opinion, its worth to give it a try.

Have you ever try a hydrating ampoule? What is your thoughts on this instant skin hydrating product? Is it worth it to be included into your skincare regime?

*Product sent by Butterfly Malaysia for review and beauty class purpose. However, all thoughts are my own and honest from my own experiences.


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