March ’17 | Monthly Recap

When the blogging determination suddenly hit me and I accidentally committed myself to write a monthly recap starting from March. Oh man, what’s going on? LOL Anyway, March has been a busy month for me – well, I guess every month also busy leh

I can pretty much said that I started my March with a great bang!
  • Finally managed to get invitation – as a blogger for some event review in KK (I always get invitation back in KL – which happened ages ago when I was still very active blogging) and finally able to meet up with the famous KK Blogger and HitzFM announcers such as Mas, Charlotte, Calista, and Farhan. Check out my blog post about the Coral Flyer Zipline in HERE.
  • On 7th March, my first-born nephew was born via C-Section as he came to this world 1 week earlier than his due date. Feivel’s weigh 2.16Kgs and only allowed to return home 5 days after he was born due to his jaundice. Oh, I am in love with him. So F much!
  • Managed to do some catch up session with Jess (check her blog out here) while trying out the new Korean restaurant at Imago – the Gaon Restaurant.
  • Jelly iPhone case hoarding session at Mr. DIY @ Imago. Madly in love with the RM3.90 jelly cases from Mr. DIY 🙂
  • I have another relapse of anxiety and depression since end of 2016. Decided to try writing a journal to help me with these re-occurring problems and I’m currently 70% – 80% of success rate writing morning page in my journal.
  • Travel to Beaufort for another attempt of Ultra marathon despite the less recovery week after Borneo Ultra Trails.
  • Decided to DNF my 2nd ultra marathon at KM35 due to my knee and ankle injuries which prevented me from walking or running! I can’t even feel my legs. Yes, I cried when I DNF but my health and safety always come first, no matter what.
  • 1 week suffering from fever and cough.
  • Ended up March with back to back movie/date night while B was in town.
  • We watched Power Rangers first before Beauty and the Beast – both movies remind us about our childhood. I rated both movies 10 out of 10. Yes, please go and watch!
How was your March? Mine was awesome though having few financial setback but I know everything will be alright soon. Have faith. x

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