My Top 4 Favorite Websites to Download Free eBooks

Oh, did you stop and clicked at the word of “FREE”? Do not worry, this is not a click bait post. My love for eBooks are indescribable. This year I’m on “buying an actual books” ban as I was trying to be more minimalist and opted for digital copy instead of hard copy. eBooks are very convenient and you can read it whenever and wherever you are as long as you have your phone/iPad/Kindle with you. Hence today I am to share my top 4 favorite websites to download free eBooks.


If you have read my previous post about downloading eBooks from Amazon, then you have known that I have few tricks and tips under my sleeve. Thanks to Mr. Google! You can quickly search for “free eBooks” once you have turned on your VPN mode. There are lots of new eBooks ranges from well known authors to the coolest new one. The great things about downloading from Amazon is all the eBooks that you have downloaded will be automatically sync to your Kindle/Kindle apps. However, I must say that using a free VPN hotspot search is slower than the usual internet speed. Probably because its was busy hiding your identity and all.



This website is accessible to all Malaysian and I have noticed that only a few eBooks that are not available in our country. Though fret not as we do have VPN Hotspot shield. The good thing about downloading from Kobo is that you can download a lots of bestsellers of non fiction eBooks. Other than that, Kobo also have the lowest and affordable eBooks “pre-order” starting from USD0.99 (currently equivalent to RM 4.20). However, as much as I love Kobo, they are a bit slower on updating their latest release free eBooks and sometimes even repetitive (or I already downloaded the eBooks from somewhere else).



I have recently found out about this website from a book buyer (now we are book’s friend!) Agnes where she told me that you can download endless eBooks for huge range of category and some even newly published. I went on download frenzy for a while as I managed to get a hold of huge collection of Lynsay Sands and few of my favorite authors. eBooks are downloaded in EPUB file and you will be needing an apps to read it. Fortunately that my iBooks apps can easily use to read all the eBooks that I have downloaded from the website. Since this website is practically new to my existence hence there is no cons that I have find yet, so far.


This website hosted tons of giveaways from new to well known authors. Usually if you are subscribe to their newsletter, you will be given a day to day free eBooks update with different categories. From my observation, Monday usually romance, Tuesday will be thriller or suspense and Friday will be the summary of the week. Knowing me then you will know that I only care about Monday. Teehee! You can choose the eBooks file types that you want to download, either .mobi, epub or PDF file. However, since you will download free eBooks, you might be bombarded by the particular authors newsletters.


In summary, these four are the websites that I always go to download my free eBooks and currently I have more than thousand of eBooks in all my phone/Kindle. I hope you guys enjoy reading and please do visit the website to get your own free eBooks. Till then, stay awesome x


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  • bonjourchiara

    I tried to read ebooks, at least three times, but still I can’t.. the paper book has its own allure. But i totally get that ebooks are more practical!!

    November 30, 2017 at 12:34 PM Reply
    • Frydolina

      It took me some time to get use to read ebooks though I do miss reading the actual books sometimes too..

      November 30, 2017 at 2:33 PM Reply
  • Vivian Yuen

    I needed this, thanks so much for the links!

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


    November 29, 2017 at 9:48 AM Reply
    • Frydolina

      No problem ?

      November 30, 2017 at 2:33 PM Reply


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