October in summary

I almost write there’s nothing much had happened in October until I went over to my phone gallery and noticed how eventful the month of October was. Work has been hell and I don’t want to comment more on that as some of my nosy colleagues might be reading this blog right now. Plus, I don’t think it is wise to rant about “work-related” things in this blog. Not so professional – they said.

So, I finally tried out the Samyang Spicy Chicken Flavor ramen which actually 2x spicier than the first one. To be honest, I didn’t put all the sauce in because I was scared and I’m actually thankful for the wise decision as I was sweating and tearing profusely while trying to finish the noodles up. It’s was so wtf. Upon the first bite and I instantly regret trying the ramen. Will I eat this again? Heck no.

Despite the hectic working life, yours truly and colleagues decided to throw a little bit of potlucks to celebrate Charles’s graduation and Rafis’s farewell lunch party. Its was an awesome lunch with co-workers and I had a great time (i.e had a great time avoiding drama).

Because life has been nothing but stress lately, I took a whole 4 days off the work and went for holiday. I spend most of my holiday with my family, cleaning things, re-arranging things, spending time with my friends and my beloved. Though I have to admit that 100% did not actually happened according to my actual plan and I was so pissed about it (which involved having arguments with B). On top of all the shit(s), I’m so cranky to return to the office not fully charge emotionally and physically. Getting drunk the night before holiday end also did not help. *face palm*

However, I got to eat a lots of awesome foods with B and my friends. We went to Wild Hogs cafe’ near the KK See You’s restaurant and we had an awesome time chatting while enjoying our burgers and beers and watching football match (plus I beat B in Darts of Fury games lol). Then, we also went out for brunch at the infamous dim sum’s restaurant near Kobusak area before we went to the B Side cafe for further hangout session. Oh, have I mentioned that I was third wheeling my BFF’s Sunday date? HAHA B was unable to join us because he have to leave early and drive back to his hometown with his family.

If you are at B Side Cafe’ last month then you probably saw us getting all “blogger-up” – taking photos from various angle, flat lay arrangement and whatnots. I think people might labeled us as the “hipster kids”, except that we are not hipster nor a kids guys. We are just some random regular people who blog about stuffs and getting all our material i.e photos/topic ready.

Some random photos that I took during 30th October which was Halloween’s night. Got my fresh juice ready before I gulped all the alcohol later. I also had dinner with my friend at iHop Cafe’ before we went for some Karaoke session at the D’Jazz.

I have less one drinking buddy now.

Last farewell gathering for Rafis before he went back to his hometown and we had a blast drinking, singing non stop karaoke and playing darts.  However, I wish him nothing but only the best for his future undertaking and surely will contact him if I’m planning to go visit Thailand again in future. Thanks October for the awesome memory and November please fly so fast so that I can get to December ASAP.

May tomorrow will be much better. #thistooshallpass


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  • beaty

    sedangakn tu samyang biasa pedas apa lagi ni 2x spicy kan

    November 10, 2017 at 9:09 AM Reply
    • Frydolina Fay

      Ya bah..bikin menangis aa..hahahha terus sy insaf seketika hahah nasib x gastrik

      November 11, 2017 at 5:29 AM Reply


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