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Products Empties and Reviews 2.0

Happy Easter Sunday! Its has been awhile since my last products empties post. My last one was in 2017! Oh freaking my. Since I was cleaning my few emptied products during the Easter break, I decided to do a little products empties and review post. 2.0 version to be exact.


Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

This is one of my HG (read: Holy Grail) toner from Korea. This is my third bottle that I have purchased from Althea Korea. The toner is super hydrating but non sticky which is why I really love it. Its helped to ensure my skin stay hydrated especially after cleansing. One bottle of this toner can last up to 2 or 3 months and the price is definitely worth it.

Repurchase? Definitely. 

Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist (Althea x Titi Kamal)

I have posted about this body mist last year. If you are interested to read, please go ahead and click here. What I really love about this mist is its scent longevity. Even though I sweat a lot but the scent last throughout the day. My partner really adore the fresh floral scent.

Repurchase? I will put this under my KIV bucket. Seriously, I still have few perfumes left so I do not need to purchase any new one.

Laneige Sleeping Mask

I love this sleeping mask and truly enjoy especially the Lavender one. It provide hydration to my skin that contribute to healthy and glowing skin. 

Repurchase? Personally, the price tag for a single full tub is quite expensive for me. Hence, I’m putting this under my KIV bucket. It’s good but I know there is other sleeping mask out there that came with cheaper price tag.

CORSX Aloe Soothing Cream

One of my favorite HG sunscreen. I do not have many favorites; there is only two. This sunscreen is in par with my favorite Althea’s Sunaway sunscreen. It does not leave any white cast and not superb oily like other sunscreen. Also, it gave this healthy glow on my skin and I love it especially when I use it as a base for my make up application. 

Repurchase? OH Heck YES!

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

I freaking love this product! Out of all the Ordinary product, this product makes my skin glow. My skin condition has improve a LOT. Its helped to minimize my humongous pores and brighten my dull skin. With this product, I have been rocking au natural to work. No foundation nor powder, just my normal skincare routine with sunscreen.

Repurchase? DEFINITELY. Wait, I have one incoming order so it’s a guarantee repurchase.

Do you have any holy grail skincare product that you keep repurchase? Or can’t live without?


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  • Rasya

    Would love to try laneige if not for the price lol

    I’m sad that the ordinary niacinamide doesn’t work wonders for my screen. I notice that when I pair the serum and my aloe vera moisturizer it feels weird and sting a lot.

    April 21, 2019 at 5:10 PM Reply
    • Frydolina Fay

      Oh no, too bad the Ordinary Niacinamide is not suitable for you. Maybe need to find a lower concentration of Niacinamide?
      Yes, too bad that Laneige products are on the pricier side.

      April 21, 2019 at 6:14 PM Reply


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