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Products Empties and Reviews

Products empties and reviews are my second favorite things to watch on Youtube, other than VLOGS and the creepy “What’s on my iPhone/Bag etc” tag. So, when I was cleaning my random skincare stash the other day, I have few emptied bottle and products and thought why not write a blog post on this? Heh, less thinking needed to came out with blog post this weekend. *pats self*

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

This is an amazing products which is absolutely out-of-the-world. I know I’m kinda late since everyone in the internet has been raving about this product but I totally swear that this product is DEF F FANTASTIC. Not only it’s so cheap but it also work like magic. Moreover, this 1 bottle can last me up more than 5 months and it did not irritates my super sensitive skin at all. Note: I’m on my second bottle now, so definitely repurchase!

Nature Republic: Aloe Vera (Soothing & Moisture) Cleanser

I have always love Nature Republic brand as they always produce products that suited my sensitive skins type. This cleanser has been my go to cleanser ever since I bought it off Althea Korea years ago. Its cleansed my skin well without making it feel super tight, dry and itchy. However, I must recommend you to do the two step cleansing which required cleansing using Oil’s type cleanser first before using any gel or cream cleanser to ensure that all your make up impurities are being wash away.

Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cream

I read lots of mix reviews about this products on website. Some says it work wonder with their skin while others said that it’s causing their skin become too oily throughout the day. Its was actually really recommended to those with dry skin type. As for myself, I have weird seasonal skin type. Most of the time it was dry with oily T-Zone and I do have to admit that I really love how “heavy” and “moisturizing” this cream on my dry area but my T-Zone really hate it. Toward afternoon, my forehead and nose highlight/oil are definitely very noticeable and I have to powdered it up. However, on those day where I always experiences dry patches and allergic’s flare up, I definitely will use this cream. Another plus, I’m really loving the green tea fragrance!

Nature Republic: Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream

If the Innisfree’s Green Tea moisturizer is too “heavy” for my oily T-Zone, this one is too “light” for my dry skin, especially on those nose and lips areas. On positive notes, this one dry very fast and my T-zone will stay a little bit longer being matte than usual. Nothing too fancy on the fragrance as well. I probably will not going to repurchase this simply because I don’t think it do “things” for my skin.

SNE LA SOUL Sleeping Mask

This product has been my HG (read: holy grail) night time moisturizer ever since I have used it years ago. Wait, I think I have started using it since last year and this is my third empty bottle. Before this, I was using Safi Rania Night Cream (the one with Rozita Che Wan’s face lol) and I have heard a lots of good review regarding La Soul skincare product which had prompted me to try it out. I never look back since then and I always repurchase this sleeping mask (and I will never stop, unless they stop producing I need to stock it up HAHA). Currently, I’m using few La Soul’s skincare products as well such as QQ cream, Toner and Serum. If you have dry or sensitive and combination skin, I will definitely recommend this moisturizer to you.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this products empties and reviews post. Hopefully I can feature more products in future post. So, do you keep your emptied products bottle or you always throw it away after it was finished? I always find myself keeping the empty bottle with thought “nice packaging, don’t want to throw it away” but then again, I really need to clean those mess up! Till then, HAVE A NICE WEEKEND! xo


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