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Last weekend, we decided to drop by the well known and popular PUSAS | The Smokehouse shop which located at the Peak Vista. For your info, PUSAS was previously known as the Smokin’ Bacon (which I ever published and raved about their amazing bacon jam). It was not that hard to find the shop as you can clearly see their fancy and modern – looking shop from afar. (Disclaimer: Non – Halal) Both B and I always enjoyed a very chill and relax date, no fancy artsy date and our routines usually consisted of dinner, watching movie and finished it off by relaxing, catching up while drinking our rounds of beers.

Fortunately finding parking space was easy even though it was weekend. When we just arrived, the shop are pretty quiet but as the night crawled in, the place is swarmed with family, teenager and some elders. It’s amazing to see the place are packed in just short amount of time.
I am absolutely in love with their interior design – simple, clean and Oh, so Instagram-worthy!


A close up on their MENU 🙂
So, I ended up ordering too much for the both of us LOL
Food caption: Cheesy Fries, PUSAS signature Bacon’s burger, Pigs in the blanket, Bacon bits, a Carlsberg for B and a Somersby for moi 🙂


I hope you are hungry by the time you have finished scrolling the food porn(s) BUAHAHAHAHA
FAY’S FOOD LOVE: 5 out of 5 LOVE!
  1. Interior design – I’m one for a good, clean, minimalist yet hipster-vibes design and this shop delivered it all. Definitely a good place to eat while you can snap an Instagram-worthy feed!
  2. Special/Simple Menu Selection – Though this place is rather new, but their menu selection are quite impressive. Even with a simple menu selection, they served a very good quality and super delicious food for you. Impressive and fast service as well!
  3. Affordable price for foods and beverages. Hey, they even have promo for beers and you can add on Bacon bits only for freaking RM5!
  4. Personal recommendation: I absolutely in love with their cheesy fries which topped with bacon bits. The cheese, the fries and the final touch of bacon makes my taste bud so F happy. I kid you not, both B and I are in love with their cheesy fries. Other than that, their signature Bacon burger also a MUST try. You can keep coming and try all their new snacks including the Pigs in the blanket – oh man, its just melt in your mouth. So YUMMMMM. Definitely so BACON-LICIOUS worth it!
PUSAS | The Smokehouse 
Experience The Tasty


Address: S6, The Peak Vista Shoplots, Lorong Puncak 1, Jalan Signal Hill Park, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 88-299 199
Hours: 11AM–11PM

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