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Random Night Out | SIN KEE’S BAK KUT TEH & KDCA

So last weekend I tagged along with B and his ex-Uni friend from Kedah (whom coincidentally visited his sister here in KK) for somewhat food-hunting around KK area. We went to the infamous Bak Kut Teh restaurant at Gaya Street know as Sin Kee Rest and I suggested them to go to KDCA to hunt for delicious pork burger while having some beers. 

Having Bak Kut Teh while it was raining quite heavily is heaven! #punintended
While yours truly trying to capture some awesome photo for her blog.. -.-” 

Sin Kee’s infamous Bak Kut Teh (I didn’t managed to get a close up for the dry Bak Kut Teh since I don’t want to be rude to B’s friend – taking photos and whatnot..though B did explain that )

*Paparazzi level pro shot*
After we had our very yummy dinner, we went ahead to KDCA for pork burger and some beers. Since it’s now Harvest festival season, there are many stalls opened at KDCA selling awesome foods and alcoholic beverage. However, you need to be patience with the horrible traffic jammed and while searching for parking spot.
Found this stall selling roasted wild boar meat – super juicy and tender. 
I swear I will come back for more! 🙂

The infamous Wild Hog’s pork burger. B love it, but not as much as he love PUSAS’s pork burger. Unfortunately I didn’t saw their stall at KDCA this year. Or perhaps they will come next week? I’ll need to check. 

Nothing can beat catching up with an old friend with a bottle of a good beer 🙂 and pork/wild boar meat too!
Its was unexpectedly a good night out with B and his friend and yours truly really enjoyed such outing once in awhile. P/S: If you are wandering about my photo – since it was taken during night time, I have to adjust the brightness and contrast a bit plus applied VSCO filter – A5. Hopefully I can take more random photos during my random outing. 🙂 Till then, x