Starting my Essential Oils Journey

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you probably knew that I finally got my essential oils premium starter kit recently. The premium starter kit is by the well known Young Living brand. I have been wanting to get my hands on the essential oils for as long as I can remember. Probably more when I decided to ditched all the steroid cream for my eczema medication.

I’m thankful for my BFF Jessica for introducing the Young Living essential oils to yours truly. She has been raving about the EO for quite some time now and I’m more than intrigued to try it myself. Essential oils benefits are endless from boosting immunity, fighting infection, balance hormones, boosting energy level and many more. EO also well known to reduce emotional stress/anxiety and improve brain function. So many benefit – what’s not love, right?

essential oils

While there are many brand of EO (essential oils) company out there; you probably wonder why I choose Young Living, no? Firstly, I trust Jess’s experience while using the EO by Young Living. If I messed things up, I can always refer to her since she have longer experiences than me.  Secondly, the Young Living premium starter kit have enough oils selection for beginner. Plus, they have been in the market for quiet a long time and I can always google-up oils recipe if I needed some. Very convenient!

As for starter, Jess has given me some recipe that I can use immediately. Soon after I received my premium starter kit, I went ahead and diffuse 2 drops of Stress away + 2 drops of Lavender while helping B packing for his move. I must say that it work – well, at least B wasn’t that cranky when packing. His perfectionist demeanour usually got a hold on him until he stress himself out, even for small matter.

essential oils

Apart from diffusing oils for stress reliever, I also use it to ensure that I had a good night sleep without waking up few times for no reason. For a good night sleep, I will diffuse 2 drops of Copaiba + 2 drops of Lavender. Well, I have been sleeping like a baby for a few nights now. It works like magic! Plus, my cleaning mood was so good yesterday when I diffused the purification and thieves together.

Other than using the oils for promoting good mood, I also wish to learn more EO blends to create my own DIY skincare products and eczema lotion which is free from harsh chemical. I’m currently doing more reading and research on essential oils. Hopefully one day I can share my own oils recipe in my blog. #blogbucketlist So, here to yours truly oiling journey and may it be awesome! This is going to be a life-changing journey.

Have you ever try any essential oils before? If you don’t mind, hope you can share your favourite recipe for me to try out.


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  • beatyjohn

    Adai bila la sa tebeli ni EO ni.. aiya.. siok o kan wangi lagi ni..

    September 18, 2018 at 8:29 PM Reply
  • Emmitchell M. Sung

    Siok bah..semoga i mampu beli next time hihi

    September 17, 2018 at 11:09 PM Reply
    • Frydolina Fay

      Amen sis! Sy pun dapat beli sebab ikut Hui.. klau mengharap kumpul sendiri, adui nah.. nda terbeli kali haha

      September 18, 2018 at 5:54 AM Reply


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