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    Conquering Mt. Kinabalu

    Thank God for the long weekend though I’m currently suffering from mild fever and lower abdomen pains (well, ¬†hello aunt flow soon!) which also why I’m extremely grumpy and refuse to go out from the comfort of my own bedroom. Anyways, I thought today I’m going to write about my Mt. Kinabalu excavation last month on 23rd and 24th of August.

    It actually was a last minute decision when Adli, my mountain guide friend informed me that there was a last minute cancellation slot on the said date. Of course I said YES. For this trip, I went solo after few of friends including B declining my offers. Tsk Tsk I’ve paid my fee in full less than a month of the actual hiking date and went on rampages – hiking, endurance training and whatever I can fit into my tight schedule.

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