The January Edit

I feel like January is an endless month and Thanks God it’s finally over. Everything went super slow in January. Most probably because it was the beginning of a new year and everyone still haven’t move on from 2017. Its was different for me because yours truly suffered 6 weeks waiting for pay day – it’s a hell. Similar to last year, I want to maintain the “Monthly recap” series since I really love reminiscing what had happened in each month. So, lets begin with January 2018.

01. Movies Marathon

I have watched tons of movies since end of Dec until new year. I went and watched Jumanji: Return to the jungle, Pitch Perfect 3, The Greatest Showman, The Insidious: The last key and few movies that didn’t give me much impact hence I forgot the title. Irony isn’t. Out of all, my absolute favorite would be The Greatest Showman. The Greatest Showman is one of a kind and I will definitely going to download and re-watch again, and again.

02. Catching up with friends

Last year my schedule was very packed. What with my ex HOD leaving, works start to pile up, spending holiday with family and love one and trying to remain sane. Since I didn’t manage to spend time with my friends, we ended up drinking until 5 in the morning when we finally have the time to catch up. Its was fun but the hangover is definitely not fun – at all. I’m looking forward for February as I will continue to have catch-up sessions with all my girlfriends.

03. Introducing new blog series – “Self-Care Sunday”

This year I want to explore more and create more content for my blog. Hence why I have decided to create another series called “Self – Care Sunday”. This post will explain about this series. Anyway, I have published the first volume last Sunday and please don’t forget to check it out here.

04. Blog’s Collaboration

In January, I received two collaboration proposal from a famous local Nail Salon – Maniqure (read here) and another international company to do a blog post review about their best-selling products. I am extremely grateful and thankful for the opportunity and hopefully there are more collaboration in future. *finger’s crossed*

05. Career Advancement

Toward the end of January, I got promoted. Its has been an up and down years of learning and I finally able to mastered few skills to survive in the business world. I’m beyond happy with the promotion but I know that heavier responsibilities come with the position. To say that I’m ecstatic is not an exact word; its more like “I’m ready for challenges and I’m willing to learn”. Oh freaking yeah!

To summarize, January is quite fair to me and my 2018 will only begin in February – just like 60% of the world population. How’s your January? Did you started 2018 in January or it’s just a trial month for you? I would love to know in the comment section below. Till then, Stay awesome xo


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