The March Edit

March is the month that I’ve finally put on my “big girl” pant and took up another responsibility, literally. So, what’s good and what’s new that happened in March that did not make it to the ‘gram. Lets proceed with the monthly recap, shall we?

My two favorites; spending time with love one and Coffee.

We went to Kokol Hill for a nice outing and amazing view for B’s post-birthday celebration. In case you wanted to know what I gave him as a present this year, you may check out my last February Edit. Luckily we manage to spend few times together before B’s work load become hectic and crazy. Apart from that, we also celebrated Feivel’s birthday with family and close friends. Ah, why baby grow up so fast? He’s extremely active nowadays.

Feivel turned 1 celebration

KK Blogger gathering for food review at Radha@thesquare


I actually did quite a good job at keeping my blog updated last month. *pats self* If you haven’t check my blog posts in March yet, I’ll link all them down below:

Blessed Good Friday

Apart from the normal busy works schedule while trying to spend time for family, love one, friends and my own-self, I also notice that I love doing all my chores during weekend. My weekend routine has been simplified and productive at its best. I’m more than happy to know that all my dirty laundry has been washed, dried and ready for the upcoming week. I guess it is the perks of having a capsule wardrobe. #capsulewardrobeFTW

Also, I had an amazing Easter celebration with family & love one.

B actually went back to his hometown to celebrate Easter with his family. Though he did spend time with me during the Palm Sunday celebration. As for myself, the usual routine of consecutive prayers for Triduum – Maudy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Virgil were spent with family. I will never get tired of celebrating Easter with my family and I always look forward to it. Definitely an amazing month for me despite having a few personal setback but I’m grateful for everything! APRIL, bring it on! xo


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  • Massy

    ??? congratulations on a milestone Fay ❤

    April 4, 2018 at 10:37 AM Reply
  • jesssjustine

    Ehh Feivel 1 tahun suda?? Besar suda dia ohh!!

    April 2, 2018 at 4:39 PM Reply
    • Frydolina Fay

      Hehehe iyaa bebehhh, 1 tahun sdah..cepat kan masa berlalu..

      April 2, 2018 at 6:59 PM Reply


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