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What’s on my phone ?

Happy weekend! I hope everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend and of course some dreading for Monday, like moi. Anyway, I thought today I will share an extra TMI for the internet since I really really love this kind of “what’s on my phone” post, “what’s in my bag” post and the list goes on. These kind of posts especially Youtube’s video really triggered my nosy persona. I actually did this post last year but since I have deleted the blog post and started afresh, hence I’m going to do an updated one. Come along nosy people, lets check out what’s on my phone aka my life. ✌?

This is my home screen. My phone is running iOS11 and honestly I still have “love and hate” relationship with the updates. Perhaps I should write a blog post about it. Anyway, my lock and home screen’s wallpaper are the iOS11 wallpaper (which I have been using before I updated to the latest iOS) and I only have 1 page of apps which I arranged (sort of) in color coded.

Bottom apps are my most used apps i.e WhatsApp, Message, Phone and Spotify. Other than that, apps that are not inside the folders are also apps that I used daily such as Calendar, Photos, Camera, Setting, Mail (especially for work purpose..internet at the office has been hell lately), Safari (I googled a lots!), AppStore, Productive (to keep tracking my pending to-do list, especially for meeting and house chores), Notes (coz I take note a kidding) and finally, Wunderlist (apps that helped me to keep tracking my daily to do list).

Now, lets check out those folders that helped me to keeps tons of apps in one homepage instead of 3 to 4 pages.

In my Social’s folder, I have the basic social apps i.e Instagram (I rarely post these days but I’m still stalking ?), Facebook (I really want to delete my FB account but I need it to watch the Daebakking’s videos TROLOLOL), Youtube (well..Mukbang videos and stalking awesome people life..), Twitter and Facebook Messenger (mostly to message my BF in case he went missing in Facebook ?).

Next folder is Blog where all my needed blogging apps/tools are. So, CPanel apps (to keep track of my website diskspace), WordPress, Blogpress (I used this previously and no longer using this..I prolly should delete this.. #okbye), Airbrush, Canva, VSCO and ColorStory are the apps that I used to edit my photos. While, Pinterest for blog post idea plus photography ideas and Bloglovin is for me to stalk away other bloggers.

Move on people! Lets look into my Books’s folder where I keep all my ebooks readers app that I really love.

My most favorite apps are Kindle and Kobo. Both are filled with my hundreds of downloaded ebooks. Instafreebie apps is where you can find and download free ebooks especially when the well known authors throw an ebooks giveaway. As for Gutenberg, I cannot say much about this apps because I haven’t download any books here yet. Then we have Extra’s folder where all the un-used apps are which there’s no need to explain OK ??!

Onto my Health’s folder, I have Watch and Activity which are both for Apple watch, Headspace is my favorite meditation apps, P.C. or Period Calendar (Gurl, you know what this is), Health and Sworkit (my favorite workout apps). As for the Games’s folder, I only have three which I still rarely play since I rather read than play games. I have Tetracubes, the legendary Candy Crush and Word Cookies ?.

My final 3 folders are Travel, Finance and Photography and Videos apps.

In my Travel’s folder I have Google maps, Air Asia, Grab and Uber . While in Finance’s folder, I have Mudah, Hong Leong, GSC and MBO cinema apps, Webe Self Care (for my telco bills and whatnot) and finally Carousell. Last but not least my photography and video editing apps folder where I have bunch of apps such as iMovie, Facetune (to whiten photo..), Gudakcam (instant camera apps where you have to wait for 48 hours to develop your film and the outcome are random but very interesting), SKRWT (very good apps to edit flat lay photos and GoPro wide angle photos), Boomerang, GoPro apps, Camera+ (I paid for this apps..though I hardly use it and that why I didn’t delete it) and PopGrids.

So, I hope you guys have fun peeking through what’s on my phone ?. Hopefully you guys enjoy this kind of post since I do not want to prolong my “emo” posts about hard life and so on. Till next weekend! x


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  • frydolina89

    heheh sy pun dulu suka snapseed then lepas tu sy dpat color story terus sy pakai itu saja ni hehe

    October 23, 2017 at 1:21 PM Reply
  • beatyjohn

    sa suka snapseed edit photo n vsco for filter..

    October 22, 2017 at 8:03 PM Reply

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