Why Blog Typography Matter

I’m not sure about you but I’m a picky reader. I like clear and easy to read blog while it maintain a great appearance and goes really well with the chosen theme. I have always attracted and subscribed to blog that have great typography. Regardless how good the content is, if the typography suck – I’ll click close. Sorry but not sorry.

Typography affect blog readability

What’s blog readability you may ask? Blog readability is the ability of visitor or reader to read your blog content without any further complication. For example, font too small to read or too cursive. Not everyone fancy flowery and cursive font. Such fonts will further damped the reader mood to read hence prompt them to click [X]. Been there and done that.

Trust me, I love me some ‘Georgia’ and ‘Fairplay Display‘; I always come back and use these fonts in my blog. However, too many cursive or even Display font in one page is enough to send me back to the search engine. No freaking thanks.

Great typography attract reader

Almost similar to readability although some people (…like moi) tend to follow blog that have great typography. You know, the clear big heading and great body font pairing. To be frank, I’ve followed those blog with ‘Fairplay display’ as heading while either any serif or sans font as body font.

I was caught on the title first. Clear and big enough to attract my attention to keep reading the whole blog post. Some blogger use the sans and serif combination for the heading and post. For example, ‘Fairplay display’ as heading while sans fonts such as Montserrat, Open sans or even the basic Helvetica/Arial as the blog content. ‘Fairplay display’ font is great as heading because it can caught your attention immediately while the sans font helped to ease reader experience.

It either make or break your blog

Yes, that’s how important it is. If you google every article on “How to create great blog”, one of the tips given will be about choosing the right typography for your blog. Apart from great content, your blog typography can either make or break your blog. A well chosen typography will make your blog extremely great while a poor one will definitely affecting your blog success.

I have to say that you have to take it from the reader perspective. Even though it’s depend on personal preferences but I bet you also like a blog that have great typography that goes well with the amazing content. Am I right?

Do you follow blog that have great typography or good content is good enough for you? If you also fancy good typography like myself, what’s your favorite combo?


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  • Rasya

    I’m using Belleza and Josephin Sans because they look pretty lol

    I couldn’t stand diary like cursive words as they’re so hard to read. Sometimes I wonder if the blogger itself has seen how unreadable their blogs look like. There’s a reason why preview button exists:

    October 30, 2018 at 5:24 PM Reply
    • Frydolina Fay

      Same! I couldn’t even read (sometimes didn’t even bother to read) ?

      October 31, 2018 at 7:37 AM Reply


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