Wrapping up November

Can you smell it? Christmas is coming our way! I love how the city sparkled through all the glitters and fancy Christmas’s tree and lights decoration. I couldn’t be more happier that Christmas eve is only 22 days away! Anyway today I’m going to wrapped up November recap and how I feel about the month of too many unexpected things blessings. To be honest, I was dreading for November and wishing so hard that it will passed quickly. There are so many problems that I have foreseen prior to upcoming November and I was so anxious all the time. Turned out that God has better plan for me and I’m nothing but extremely grateful for all the amazing things that happened in November.

Photo of delicious Tun Po Nyuk to start our monthly recap which I’m fortunate to ate after our Retro run job as a crew. Its was fun working as a crew for a running event, especially one that organized by your friends. After the event, we went to Gathering Restaurant at Austral 88 Market area for brunch. The meats was nicely proportion between layers of soft fats as its melted in your mouth. The service was also good though a tad bit slow because they have to attend to quite a number of customers.

Since I was broke, I didn’t plan any outings in November and I spend most of my time catching up with Teen Wolf Season 6 finale and also Riverdale Season 2. Can I mushed about how hot Scott has become? Long way gone the gangly teen with asthma and come the hot Alpha. Also, can I talk about Jughead? I find him more interesting than Archie.

Other than that, I’m also extremely happy with my blogging schedule last month as I managed to published 6 blog posts. I have been eyeing a new WordPress template and tempted too many times to buy it but but but I’ve managed to stop before I click “purchase”. I have made few wise decisions in terms of spending in November. Too bad that I’m unable to save some though.

One of the unexpected blessing in November would be the opportunity to attend 2 days seminars which has gave me a lots of experiences and important info. Such opportunity is rare especially in the Company where I’m currently working for. The better part is that I managed to spend time with my little sister since the place where I went for seminar is really close to where she’s staying.

Here I am, crashing at my little sister place like a boss. I was mostly occupied with scheduling blog posts and she was busy finishing her assignments before dateline. Its was a great stay anyway.

As November ever so slowly creeped its way to an end, I’m more than happy to go for Christmas’s gift hunting with my friends. My Christmas’s gift theme this year would be “All about Christmas’s feeling and affordable”. I even bought the Beautiful Things journal books which only cost me RM2.99 and scented candles in “White Cotton” from Kaison for myself. After all the hardships in November, I do deserve some gifts, no?

In December, I’m looking forward for..

  • The Curvies’s Christmas dinner and early gifts exchanges activity
  • Manicure’s appointment for Christmas ?
  • Office’s Christmas gathering & exhange gifts ?
  • Spending Christmas’s holiday with my love and family
  • Perhaps, or might be incorporating some Blogmas post in this blog ?

Lets make every last memories count for 2017 before we head out to 2018! Thanks for reading xo


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