5 things that I’m grateful for

Just had my favorite dinner which is chicken soup cooked with calabash and my nephew is sleeping soundly next to me. Both my little sister and I was on babysitting duty tonight. Things have been rough lately. I just pull all day long on working yesterday while it was suppose to be only half day and today I’m so tired from cleaning and de-cluttering my bedroom which have been a long pending project of mine. So I guess that I deserved that two bowl of soup for dinner.

Because of all the bad things that had happened and I’m currently on the “low point” of my life, I really wanted to make these list of what things that I’m grateful for – that makes me want to keep going, after all.

So, here’s 5 things that I’m grateful for:-

My parent’s health.

My dad was down with sickness and allergic infection in the past two weeks and he is now finally showing some improvement and able to do his daily task and hobby. I was so sad when he was sick as I couldn’t help much and his emotional and physical state really affected me a lot. Now that he is in better state, I’m so grateful for it.

My health

Eventhough I have been gaining weight like crazy (which I need to do something about it), I’m thankful that my body can now endure an extra bits of emotional stress due to personal and work related issue. Usually, if the stress level is too much, I will ended up having eczema outbreak.

My work/job

My job currently is pushing and stressing me out right now. However, I’m grateful that I have been given opportunity to showcase my capability and potential. Though I’m not that good but my higher experience did favor me in a good ways. Let cross our fingers that all will be well rewarded by early next year.

Love relationship

Being an empath is hard when your partner are very emotional person. I tend to absorb all his emotions and keep it inside my head and then explode as the things got heat between us. I’m not perfect and he is definitely not too. However, I’m grateful for him as he’s always be there for me, no matter what. Even when I was having an anxiety or depression stage, he will be there, ready and understanding. He’s not only my other half but he’s also my very good friend.

I’m grateful for all the bad things that happened to me or all around me.

Its makes me realize that sometimes I forgot about God – we might make all the plans with hope that all will fall perfectly but He got His own plan for us. I know that whatever I’m going through with right now shall also pass and I will look back to these day with better understanding. For now, I’m grateful and thankful to be alive.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and whenever you are feeling down about bad things that happen in your life – try to make a list of things that you are really grateful and thankful for. It’s will help to reduce the emotional stress that have been battling in your head.

Till then, stay grateful everyone!x


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