I bet that you are curious about me. Hence why you ended up in this page.

So, what you would like to know about me? First of all, Hello and welcome to my humble space in the massive internet world. My name is Frydolina but you may call me FAY. Please call me Fay as my real name is a pain in the *ss to pronounce. Born and raise in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia and currently still live and working here. I am a self certified “Introvert” that freaking in love with Coffee, anything with marble, the color of rose gold, white and grey.

Hm, so why am I blogging?

Growing up, I always love writings. However, since I do not have the privilege to pursue my interest; I ended up with Bsc(Hons) in Biotechnology. So, I’m currently working full time and its not even related to my previous study. #lifehappen Anyway, this blog was created solely to ensure that I stay sane and to share about random snippets in my so-very-random life.

A niche-less blog.

Mostly I write about personal and lifestyle stuffs. I don’t really try to fit my blog into some specific niche because I share and write whatever I feel like I want to. Yo, I even write about beauty stuffs and foodie things. To be honest, I try to write a better and interesting “about me” page but nah, this is how random I am. Anyway, please expect lots of Coffee Talk (coz I rants a lot), anything related to those marble design, foods (biggest foodie here) and so many random things that can fit into anything a niche-less blog can be. On a serious note though, this blog also a platform where I love to write and share about my personal battle with anxiety and depressions.

Last but not least, I hope all of you will enjoy reading my blog post x