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Althea Exclusive: New Releases, Swatches & Mini Review

Hello fellow beauty enthusiast! Today I’m going to share the latest K-Beauty product exclusively by Althea Korea. Honestly, I’m very excited to received their latest exclusive products because I can’t wait to test and play with all of ‘em. Anyway, without further ado, lets us explore the latest Althea Exclusive products that are available on Althea-land. You may also check out my other post about Althea Korea here.

BCL x Althea Korea: Sunrise & Moonrise Eye Pallete

This is the Eyeshadow palette that I have been anticipating ever since Althea release their product promo. I was squealing in delight when it came in the mail. Everything is perfect; from the packaging to their blend-ability and color pigmentation. It came in 8 shades; mix between matte, shimmer and glitter. It is perfect for natural and glamorous daylight makeup to sultry and seductive nighttime looks. Although, I do wish there are more matte eyeshadow as I’m not a big fan of shimmer or glitters.

  • Finely milled pigment – Easy blend-ability & Pigmented application
  • RM140
Swatches: Blend nicely and the color pay off is amazing

Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer

Came in 4 shades of #01 Vanilla, #02 Ginger, #03 Honey and #04 Mocha. It is a pigmented concealer with build-able coverage. This concealer also contains Aquaxyl to ensure that the skin is smooth and moisturized. For its cheap price, this concealer is totally worth it. Although I wish they will produce more darker and warm shades.

  • Pigmented & build-able coverage
  • RM15


Swatches: #03 Honey match my pink undertone but I like #02 for concealing small flaws and as base highlighter

Althea Watercolor Cream Tint

Another Althea’s products that I really love. It’s a long wearing and hydrating lip tint. Came in 4 bold colors with glossy sheen to choose from. Unlike other lip tint which is drying, Althea Watercolor Cream tint applied nicely on the lips and giving fuller lips look. It’s long lasting as long as you avoid greasy and oily food. More color choices would be really nice. I’m looking forward to try a bold color of Orange and Pink shade.

  • Came in 4 shades: #01 Plum Cream, #02 Strawberry Cream, #03 Peach Cream & #04 Marron Cream
  • Contain: Squalene to condition and improve suppleness & Hyaluronic acid to attract moisture to the skin hence not too drying
  • RM20
Swatches: I love all the colors! I have been rocking Marron Cream and Peach Cream for weeks now.

Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter

This baby can double up as eyeshadow or liner to light up the eyes. It has hydrating formula that ensure the product glides smoothly upon application. Hence, easy blend-ability during application. It’s also stay on for a very long time and won’t budge unless you remove it using make up remover.

  • Came in two shades: #01 Gold Light and #02 Pink Light
  • Sparkling eye glitter which is perfect for either day or glam night make up
  • Easy to blend as eyeshadow and the liner brush is perfect for eyeliner. Its dries down to a long wearing finish.
  • RM24
Swatches: Look how gorgeous these babies are. Imagine it hitting the correct light and sparkles through the day.

Althea Skin Relief Spot Film Gel

Among all the amazing make up collection released by Althea recently, they still did not forget about the skin base. This is a zit-zapping treatment that dry down to a smooth canvas. It gave protection to the affected area and allowing make up to be applied without any trace of acne.

Personally, I do not have any acne nor zit at the moment so I was not able to try this baby out yet. However, fret not as I will surely write up a separate blog post once I manage to test this out.

  • Contain Tea Tree Oil, Centella & Pine Leaf extract – all the good stuffs to get rid of pesky acne
  • Leaving skin smooth and protected which is great for a make up base before application
  • RM19

I hope you enjoy checking out all the latest Althea Exclusive products. If you are interested, you can check out them here. There are Valentine’s day promotion going on right now and you definitely do not want to miss it. Till the next blog post. Happy weekend xo


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