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Conquering Mt. Santubong

Since I was in the mood for a little bit of throwback, I want to write about my last trip to Sarawak in October 2016 which specifically execute to climb Mt. Santubong. It was actually a last minute decision (I saw Why posted her Facebook status and she invited me – or more likely I force myself to go lol) and then I invited B’s little sister – Jacy. I booked my flight 2 weeks before our hike and it was 2 days and 1 night in Kuching as we are only doing “day climb” which according to my friends very do-able. Yes, it’s do-able as long as you’re on the top of your fitness game (Oh, and not really afraid of height..You will find out why later)

Since it was a day climb and we are rushing against time, we decided to rise early and climb as early as 6 AM. We took our ascend slowly according to our own momentum – which why I really love hiking with these group of friends. No such things as rushing, unless necessary. It was a good hike until we reach the infamous “monkey ladder”. We were expecting these ladder but it’s still went beyond our expectation. There are few broken ladders with huge gap in between and it was long and torturous climb.

Things you should know about me is that I have none upper body strength and I never done any wall-climbing unless few attempt during Viper challenge in 2015. My team, especially Why is very worried about me and luckily I courage-up and managed to climb all the ladders with shaky hands, of course.

My first impression when I saw the 90 degrees monkey ladder was like “I am a dead meat“.

Honestly, I was struggling. Pretty hard. What’s with my phobia with height and the lack of safety while climbing the ladder which I may add “broken ladders”. Basically, the risk of getting injured is very high if you are not careful during ascend and descend because the surrounding area are mostly consisted of sharp rocks and huge tree roots.

Endless ladders and endless nerve-wrecking moments.

One wrong step, you might end up in the hospital. As the elevation getting higher, the trail became more steep and you basically have to use 4 limbs to climb. Carefully and slowly, we finally reached the peak of Mt. Santubong after more than 3 hours of ardous climb, less than 4 as we reached peak around 10 – something. The view of the Cat’s city is mesmerizing and you totally forgot about the steep trails and monkey ladder, for awhile at least.

We ran into few awesome climbers from KL and Sarawak as well. We took a lots of photos here as remembrance. After a short 30 minutes break and photo sessions, we decided to start our descend so that we don’t need to rush for the night. Descending the ladder went smoother than I thought eventhough my upper body especially my hands are shaking pretty badly. It took us less than 3 hours to reached the road where our assigned driver is waiting for us with cold drinking water.

I, for one, definitely couldn’t climb (nor thought of attempting to climb this mountain lol) without my teammates. Major thanks to everyone for the awesome experience and giving me the never-ending support and motivations along the  journey. My tips: Never underestimate Mount Santubong. You might said that it’s only 810m but the trails are harder than Mount K itself. Be well prepared and extra careful especially climbing the monkey ladder.


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