No More Missing Things with TAG La V2*

I’m not always a clumsy person but I do tend to forget where I put my things such as key and wallet. Sometimes as an important thing as my phone, too. Of course, during those ‘confusing and hard’ time, I wish that I can just click ‘find’ and the said items beeping telling me where it is. Fret not, with the latest technology TAG La V2 will definitely help me to find my missing thing!

So, what’s TAG La?

TAG La is one of the most popular lost item trackers in Malaysia. Currently, the company has sold over 70K of its Bluetooth trackers. With its own app, the lost items can simply be find by tapping the button in the app to ring the item.

Misplace your phone? Simply double-click the device button to ring your phone. It will still ring even if it’s on silent mode. Apart from Bluetooth tracker, this device also can be use as selfie remote control.

What’s new with TAG La V2?

TAG La V2 is an upgraded version of Bluetooth tracker by TAG La company. The brand-new Bluetooth tracker not only changed it shape to round-shaped but also more compact in size, higher durability and produce a higher decibel beeping sound.

The latest TAG La V2 round-shaped represent time, a clock, a watch and serve as daily reminder to treasure time and live our day efficient. Other than that, the company also updated their mobile app with a brand-new user interface. This is to ensure a smooth and better user-friendly experience for all the TAG La users.


RM79.90 per piece

Currently they are having a promotion as per below:

  • Friends Pack (3 pieces) RM199.90 (NP: RM239.70)
  • Family Pack (6 pieces) RM369.90 (NP: RM479.40)

Purchase RM100 and above to enjoy FREE SHIPPING.

How to purchase?

You may purchase from tracker device official website here or place order on TAG La Facebook page here.

Why should you buy TAG La V2?

Speaking from my own experience of always misplaced my things especially my phone, this is a great tracker device to have in my day to day life. Its work out great although I didn’t know the durability of this items since I have just started to use it.

The price is a bit steep but still affordable. I would say that for the price, it is definitely more worth it to buy the Friends pack or Family pack. Furthermore, this is a good investment on device that can help to improve your life and put your heart on ease.

There’s no need to panic as you know that you can always find back your missing items, or your partner. Oh, you can always use this device to track down your partner in case the “Friend Finder’ app did not work out. Creepy much? Tehee!

Color available – Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White.

*Disclaimer: Product were sent by TAG La Company in exchange for honest review. All review is honest based on yours truly own experience.


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    i like the new layouts and how you structured the words bae! so niceeee!
    hahaa we can now track each other also! hahah cause i gots mine too!

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    • Frydolina Fay

      Yay! Thank you so much bb <3 Can't wait to read yours xo

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