Self-Care Sunday: Journal Therapy & How It Help With My Mental Health

Welcome to “Self-Care Sunday” volume 04; the April edition. Today I’m going to share about my “Journal Therapy” and how it had help coping with my mental health. Writing journal have been known as a great therapy for those who have anxiety or depression relapse. It helped by writing all the things that constantly clouding our mind and release all the negative thoughts. There are many types of journal. So, which one that I used for my therapy?

Morning Pages and Gratitude Journal

I re-started to write journal again back in 2015 when I was at the lowest point in my life. Stuck between a bad relationship and afraid to get off from it ended up broken me more. Yes, I still keep all the suicidal note with random dark thoughts. Its amazing and still surreal how I managed to survive until this day.

These day, I only keep two type of journal; the famous “Morning Pages” and my gratitude journal. I found that these two are sufficient for me. Morning pages is best describe as an impromptu journal that you spend writing in the morning. Hence, why it was called “morning”. The trick is you have to write minimum 3 pages of journal. Its seem a lots but you will be surprise to see how you can filled in all the 3 pages with thoughts or drawing and so much more! I will dedicated at least 15 minutes to 30 minutes writing my morning pages every morning.

So, what;s the benefit of morning pages? Its helped my mind to start afresh every morning. Whatever problems or anxiety that I have the day before will be gone after I write it out. This is one of the self-care routine that I guaranteed work 100%.

As for gratitude journal, I write this on weekly basis. Its basically a list of things that I’m grateful for. Every happy moment or bad ones. This journal taught me that there are things happened around me that I can always be grateful to be alive. At least by keeping a gratitude journal, it keep the dark suicidal thought far away from my mind. I usually will write what events had happened on the particular week and how I feel grateful for it. Even for the bad things!

For example,

B and I had disagreement again because of things that happened unexpectedly. I’m grateful because this will be an opportunity to get to know my partner better. Conflict often create great opportunity that can only be seen by mature mind and grateful heart.

Other than that, I also list down all the things that I’m grateful for:

  • The breakfast/lunch/dinner that I had as other may not have the same privilege to eat healthy and clean foods as I am
  • The stress from working; grateful that I have work to help me pay rents and whatnots
  • Happy love one
  • Bed
  • Home
  • Laptop; which technically B’s but I’m grateful that he lend it for me to use
  • Game
  • Phone; though it keep crashing these day
  • Parents
  • Nephew
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Coffee

And the lists goes on.

Far too often, we feel like we are burdening people that we love with our constant declaration of fear, worry and anxiety. Perhaps we feel like they are going through harder situation that us or they may not understand our feeling. So, I suggested you to try writing a journal to help you with all the thought in your mind. Writing and keeping a journal is the best self-care not only good for your mental health but also your soul.

Have you ever try writing any journal? Please share with me.


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  • Diana Diane Teo

    I started to write journal since I was 10 but slowly I moved to blog because I write very slow – I’m very particular about my handwriting. That’s the reason why I named my blog as “Travel & Living Journal of DT”.

    April 28, 2018 at 10:45 AM Reply
    • Frydolina Fay

      I ever saw your handwriting and its was really neat!! I love writing on journal because sometimes there are things that I write that I just don’t want to share online.. hehehe

      April 29, 2018 at 10:10 AM Reply


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