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Un-boxing Althea Angels Welcome Gift Box

I always love shopping with Althea. It’s a great website to order and try out new genuine K-Beauty products. To be honest, I was beyond ecstatic when I received the email stating that I will be a part of Althea Angels. Furthermore, Althea Korea is generous enough to send us a welcome gift as a perk of becoming one of their angels. *shriek in happiness*

A Welcome Note from Tammy

Are you excited to see what’s inside the box? Lets go!

As Althea turns 3 this year, they have included their pre-printed tote bag with some awesome goodies as well. Other than that, customized Althea Angels hand mirror and make up pouch also included in the welcome box. Amongst the goodies are their latest product called “Real Fresh Skin Detoxer”.

Althea collaborate with No. 1 Korea Beauty TV “Get it beauty” for these new Skin Detoxer. These babies will be available in Althea online store next month in August. Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is a daily 10-second wash-off mask. Come in two types: Rose for refining and Green Tea for purifying. Both masks contained premium ingredients specifically selected from nature.

The refining Rose wash-off mask claim to gently smooths away roughness and give the skin a radiant glow. It’s suitable for morning detox recipe. As for the purifying Green Tea, it claim to calm down and purifies the sensitive skin. Green Tea’s purifying wash-off mask is suitable for night time application since the skin cell regeneration is most active at night. I cannot wait to try both of these products and please expect upcoming reviews either in my blog or on my Instagram (follow ya gal up if you haven’t).

Huge thanks to Althea Korea for this opportunity as an Althea angels and also the awesome welcome gifts. I’m very excited to write and post more beauty related contents. Anyway, I have posted an un-boxing video on my IGTV. You are welcome to check it out. *wink* Till then! xo


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